About Drill Music

About Drill Music – Chicago’s issues with poverty, gangs, and violence that created a unique rap music sub-genre called “Drill.”

About Chicago Drill Music

Chicago Drill Rap Music is Grim, Violent, and similar to Atlanta’s genre of “Trap Music.” However, Trap Rappers typically write music related to selling drugs. Drill Music is much more violent – usually calling out rival gangs in every song.

Drill Music

Why is Chicago referred to as ‘Chiraq, Drillinois’?

Chicago got the name “Chiraq Drillinois” for two reasons. First, “Chiraq” comes from the fact that more murders occurred at times in Chicago than casualties from the War in Iraq.

The second part, “Drillinois” comes from the fact that Chicago is located in the State of Illinois. It is also where Drill emerged, thus the name “Drillinois.”

The Harsh Reality of Drill Music

Drill music illustrates the harsh realities of growing up in the impoverished neighborhoods of Southside Chicago.

Gangs, gun violence, and poverty have created extremely gifted Chicago artist’s that need a platform to showcase their talents – whom often produce lyrics that illustrate growing up in an environment that is sadly, all too real.

Where did Drill Music originate?

Drill rap music originated from Southside Chicago, in a Woodlawn neighbor called “Dro City” along with lower West Side and Lower East sides of the city. “Pacman Dro” from “Dro City” is credited with the creation of the drill movement.