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Rico Recklezz – Chicago Rapper

Rico Recklezz is a Drill Rapper from Chicago, IL. Rico is affiliated with Bricksquad 069, and Wuga World 075. Rico was one of the late Lil Jojo’s best friends. Rico recently did an interview with Hip Hops Revival, stating that he was one of the last standing members of JojoWorld. Rico created his own record label – Recklezz Renegade Recordz, and signed his cousin Ewol Samo.

About Rico Recklezz

Rico Recklezz
Chicago Drill Rapper Rico Recklezz

Rico Recklezz: Music, Mixtapes, Interviews

The heated beef between Rico and Soulja spread like wildfire over the internet, even being reported by
TMZThe feud was reported on DJ Akademiks‘ popular YouTube channel, The War In Chiraq. DJ Akademiks calls Rico Recklezz the “Chiraq Boogeyman,” and Rico offered to box Soulja Boy for $10,000.

Rico’s Beef with Soulja Boy goes viral

DJ Vlad interviewed Soulja Boy, and Soulja stated that he would “Beat up and shoot Rico.” Listen to the diss tracks aimed at Soulja Boy, titled “No Talking” and “Crank That.”

How did the beef with Soulja Boy begin?

  1. Soulja Boy disses Lil Yachty, whom Rico respects, and Rico stated that Lil
    Yachty showed him love before he went to jail
  2. Soulja Boy had a show in Chicago, and Rico showed up to the hotel lobby,
    only to have Soulja Boy refuse to speak with Rico in person
  3. Rico makes a diss song called “No Talking” aimed at Soulja Boy, and references the hotel lobby incident
  4. Soulja Boy tweets $100,000 bounty for Rico Recklezz
  5. Rico Recklezz and Ewol Samo fly to L.A. to find Soulja Boy, documenting it all on social media
  6. Chicago OG speaks with Soulja Boy on the phone, stating that “nobody can put money on someone’s head in Chicago.” During the phone call, Soulja admits that it was all for show, and he didn’t mean it

Rico’s Latest Mixtape – Call Recklezz

Call Recklezz contains features from Lil Uzi Vert, Prince Eazy, I.L Will, Ewol Samo, Killa KellzKD Young Cocky and many more. The mixtape also contains production from Smylez (RIP)Zaytoven, DJ L, C-Sick and more. The project contains some of Rico’s hit records such as: “No
“, “Crank Dat” and “Famous” which has received on-air radio play.

Download Call Recklezz

Listen to the mixtape "Call Recklezz."
Listen to the mixtape “Call Recklezz.”

New Mixtape – “Call Recklezz”

Rico Recklezz Releases The Infamous Diss Track “Hit Em

In August of 2016, Rico released “Hit Em Up,” which was meant to be a playful track to encourage other Chicago Artists to release new music. In the song, Rico references nearly every Chicago musician – from Kanye West, to Katie Got Bandz.

Rick Recklezz - Hit Em Up
Rick Recklezz – ‘Hit Em Up’

Rico Recklezz explains why he decided to make the “Hit Em’ Up” diss track, during an interview with @TheRealZacktv1


Rico has released an impressed amount of music since he was released after serving 45 days in Cook County Jail. Rico explained that he was doing a show at Adriana’s in Chicago, which violated the terms of his probation.

Rico Reclezz - Flatz and Gunz
Rico Reclezz – Flatz and Gunz

Read more about the mixtape “Flattz And Gunz,” featuring Chicago rapper I.L Will.

Koolin’ N Hell

During an interview with Hip Hops Revival, Rico Recklezz states: “Wrote
his latest Mixtape – Koolin in Hell, while being locked up for 45 days at
Cook County Jail.

Listen to Rico decode his mixtape Koolin’ in Hell during an interview with DJ Small Eyes.

Gang Affiliations

Unfortunately, Rico Recklezz is a member of the Black P Stones, considered by the FBI to be one of the largest and most notorious street gangs in Chicago.