Team 600

Team 600 – The Chicago rap group and set of the Black Disciples street gang.

Team 600 Drill Rappers


It’s somewhat hard to understand which artists from Chicago belong in different rap groups. Team 600 Entertainment is an official Record Label, however, the name 600 is refers to a set of the Black Disciples street gang.

In 2018, 600 members include:

Edai – The Founder of Team 600 Entertainment

When we asked Edai on Twitter who the official members of Team 600 are, he replied “Great Question?.”

Team 600
Edai responds on Twitter when asked “Who are the official members of Team 600 Ent?”

Popular Songs From Edai Include:

  • “War” – Edai’s hit song “WAR,” sounds just like the title. In the track, Edai disses many other rival Chicago rappers in Bricksquad and Fly Boy Gang. Some of the names mentioned are Lil Jay, P.Rico, and FBG Duck.
  • Sixdouble0 Edai L’A Capone,, RondoNumbaNine
  • Six Double 0 (Pt.2) – Edai, S.Dot, Tay600, RondoNumbaNine



Furthermore, 600Breezy was introduced to the rap game by fellow gang member and artist L’A Capone, who was later killed in 2013.

In response to L’A Capone defamers, 600 released “Don’t Get Smoked” on YouTube.

Young Famous

Young Famous
Young Famous: Actor and Rapper from Team 600

Young Famous is a drill rapper and member of 600. Young Famous is also an actor on the TV show, “The Reawakening.”


Team 600 Member: Jusblow

Jusblow is a drill rapper from Chicago, Illinois. Jusblow is famous for his hit track “600 Bars.”

He’s a member of the Black Disciples from the 600 set, which include rappers such as Edai, Cdai, Rondonumbanine and L’A Capone among others.