Lil Jojo

Lil Jojo’s Impact on Chicago Drill Music

Lil Jojo was an up and coming artist from the Southside of Chicago, and had numerous YouTube videos which were extremely popular. He was part of the criminal gang the ‘Insane Gangster Disciples,’and was the leader of ‘Bricksquad 069,’ which is a faction of the Gangster Disciples.

Lil Jojo had many diss tracks aimed at the ‘Black Disciples’ gang and more specifically towards the BD’s set known as Lamron which includes fellow rapper Chief Keef, whom he was beefing with.

Jojo’s Death Draws National Attention

After the Death of Joseph Coleman, also known as ‘Lil Jojo,’ his death brought national attention to Chicago’s poverty-stricken Southside neighborhoods.

The UK based news conglomerate, The Guardian,  even produced an article regarding his death, titled “Chicago hip-hop feud deepens after death of Joseph ‘Lil Jojo’ Coleman.”

Social Media’s Impact on Gang Violence

Superintendent Garry McCarthy told the Chicago SunTimes that the tit-for-tat insult trading on social media was ill-advised. With Social Media becoming so widely popular, it’s also making it easier to embarrass or expose individuals for the world to see.

When operating in a gang organization or groupthink mentality, becoming embarrassed may seem like a justified cause to retaliate violently against the perpetrator – especially a rival gang member who has shown disrespect.

An article regarding social media and violence was produced by NPR, titled ‘When Social Media Fuels Gang Violence.’

Lil Jojo
Lil Jojo Posting Guns on Social Media