Montana of 300

Chicago Rapper Montana of 300 has already released 3 albums in 2017.

Montana of 300

Montana became famous when he remixed the song ‘Chiraq.’ Montana wants to change the belief that drill rappers are not great lyricists. Montana of 300 proved that he was a great lyricist, using his creative wordplay and amazing vocabulary in his remix’s of ‘Chiraq,’ ‘Try Me,’ and ‘Panda.’

FGE (Fly Guy Entertainment)

Rapper Montana of 300 is signed to his own record label called ‘Fly Guy Entertainment.’ FGE members include: Montana, Jalyn, and Talley of 300. In June of 2015, FGE Artist J Real was arrested for armed-robbery.

Montana of 300 Studio Albums

After gaining popularity in 2015, Montana released his first album ‘Gunz n Roses.’ Then in 2016, Montana released his sophomore album titled ‘Fire In the Church.’

  • Cursed With A Blessing (2014)
  • Fire In The Church (2016)
  • No Surrender No Retreat (2017)
  • Don’t Doubt The God (2017)
  • Black Sunday (2017)


In December of 2014, Montana released the mixtape ‘Cursed With A Blessing.’ Some of my favorite tracks are “Let That 40 Bang,” “Broski Nem,” and “Holy Ghost.”