50 Cent Confirms Soulja Boy Got Robbed in L.A. for His $150,000 Chain


50 Cent posts a video claiming Soulja Boy was robbed

Things can’t seem to get much worse for Soulja Boy. Earlier today, 50 Cent posted a video on Instagram stating that Soulja Boy was robbed for his $150,000 chain.

Soulja Boy has chain stolen in L.A. Soulja Boy has chain stolen in L.A.

Floyd MayWeather will train Soulja Boy to box Chris Brown

The heated beef continues between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown. Floyd MayWeather agreed to not only promote the upcoming boxing match – but will train Soulja Boy too.

Mike Tyson says he’ll train Chris Brown to beat Soulja Boy in boxing match

50 Cent says the fight is still on between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. 50 Cent is now recruiting ‘Iron Mike’ Tyson to put a beating on Soulja Boy.

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