50 Cent Confirms Soulja Boy Got Robbed in L.A. for His $150,000 Chain


50 Cent posts a video claiming Soulja Boy was robbed

Things can’t seem to get much worse for Soulja Boy. Earlier today, 50 Cent posted a video on Instagram stating that Soulja Boy was robbed for his $150,000 chain.

Soulja Boy has chain stolen in L.A. Soulja Boy has chain stolen in L.A.

Floyd MayWeather will train Soulja Boy to box Chris Brown

The heated beef continues between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown. Floyd MayWeather agreed to not only promote the upcoming boxing match – but will train Soulja Boy too.

Mike Tyson says he’ll train Chris Brown to beat Soulja Boy in boxing match

50 Cent says the fight is still on between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. 50 Cent is now recruiting ‘Iron Mike’ Tyson to put a beating on Soulja Boy.

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Soulja Boy Ends Beef with Rico Recklezz

Soulja Boy Tweets Rico Recklezz to End Beef

On November 28th, after a long feud with Rico Recklezz, Soulja Boy tweeted Rico Recklezz to end their beef.

Soulja says in the tweet, “I got nothing but love for you homie. The beef SHIT for the birds. Let’s do a song and get some money 2017 coming. Gone. Luv.”



Soulja Boy Ends Beef with Rico Recklezz Soulja Boy Ends Beef with Rico Recklezz

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Rico Recklezz Interviews with Say Cheese Tv about Soulja Boy

Rico Recklezz with Say Cheese Tv

Rico Recklezz talks about traveling all the way to L.A. to confront Soulja Boy – with his artist and cousin, Ewol Samo. Rico speaks to Say Cheese TV with Mikey Dollaz, and I.L Will.

Rico Recklezz Interviews with Say Cheese Tv

Rico Recklezz Interview

Rico Recklezz

Who’re Rico Recklezz and Ewol Samo?

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Soulja Boy Says He Would Beat and Shoot Rico Recklezz [Vlad Tv Interview]

Soulja Boy on Vlad TV – Listen to Soulja Boy regarding Rico Recklezz.

Soulja Boy interviews with Vlad TV on Rico Recklezz

Soulja Boy says he would “Beat and Shoot Rico Recklezz.”

Read The Interview Transcript Below

Soulja Boy on DJ VLAD Interview

[DJ Vlad:] So, you and Rico Recklezz? He jumped into this whole situation, he said what he said, and you kinda blacked out on Twitter. Where is that at right now?

[Soulja Boy:] “Boy Shorty ass [Rico Recklezz] ain’t on a crumb. Shorty ass ain’t on shit. He just dissed the whole Chicago, and called apologizing that he dissed the shit. C’mon boy, he’s look for clout, and this is the only reason we’re talking about him right now.”

“He can’t wait to watch this interview and watch me say his name, and I don’t even know him. He’s dissing me because I dissed Lil Yachty [Lil Boat]. He’s dissing me about a bitch, and dissing me over another man that he ain’t never met. It ain’t about no money, it ain’t about no bricks, I don’t know you in real life. This is fake beef, and he’s trying to get famous off of me, making a diss song off of my own beat. I have a hundred thousand in cash on me right now, what are we talking about? C’mon bro, you diss me and he ain’t ever seen a million dollars in his whole life. I made a million when I was 17, Rico what?”

“The beef over with you feel me, but whatever man, if a n*gga got a problem with me, n*gga’s cant beat me bro, I will beat the shit out of that n*gga boy, we shoot the sh*t out of n*ggas boy, all of that, you feel me? But I don’t want to talk about all that and I just want this shit to be gone, because I’m about to sign this million dollar deal with my record label, and I ain’t trying to have the Feds knock at my door if something happen to this man you feel me? You already just dissed the whole Chicago, so nobody fuck with you and everybody talks shit about you. You’re not doing anything but digging your grave deeper bro, by f*cking with a legend bro, a vet. I’ve been having millions, you tweaking, and boy I’ll have your ass gone boy, you’re a fly.”

[DJ Vlad:] You’ve been in this game for over 10 years, you know real beef versus people trying to get on, so why even respond?

“Because I’m not for that man, nobody’s going to be dissing me publicly, I don’t give a f*ck who you are. I’m responding to everybody what’s happening. Fuck you, and fuck him, and fuck whoever. I gave y’all [Rico Recklezz], your 5 minutes of fame, I’ll slap the shit out of y’all n*ggas, beat the f*ck out of y’all niggas, and put it on WorldStar. You got me fucked up n*igga, I don’t give a fuck who’s name one of y’all n*ggas is, you dissing me publicly, we’re going to see about you.

[DJ Vlad:] But you don’t think that’s just playing into what they want?

[Soulja Boy:] “I don’t give a fuck what he’s doing, don’t talk about me period, on nothing and disrespecting my name n*gga. You don’t know me, what the f*ck are you talking about.”

Watch videos about Soulja Boy vs. Rico Recklezz

Soulja Boy gets checked by Chiraq OG | Rico Recklezz flies to L.A.

Chiraq OG calls Soulja Boy

A Chiraq OG calls Soulja Boy and makes him apologize for putting a $100,000 bounty on Rico Recklezz.

During the phone call, the Chicago OG says:

“Don’t ever put money on a n*gga’s head from Chicago, because it ain’t about money down here. Now that a m*therfucka got a direct on you right, we in Cali right now.” Soulja Boy can be heard saying “That was some stuff on the internet, all that is dead.”

Soulja Boy gets checked by Chicago OG

Rico Recklezz and Ewol Samo fly to L.A.

Soulja Boy admits over the phone he doesn’t  want anymore beef with Rico Recklezz.

Rico in L.A. with Grape Street Crips

Rico Recklezz and his right hand man, Ewol Samo, fly to L.A. to confront Soulja Boy.

Soulja Boy checks into a hotel to hide from Rico Recklezz’ goons

Rico Recklezz with Ewol Samo Link Up with Grape Street Crips In Los Angeles.


“Crank That” — Rico Recklezz Soulja Boy (Diss)

“Crank That” – Rico Recklezz Soulja Boy Diss

Rico Recklezz continues to show he won’t back down from any confrontation – especially when Soulja Boy ordered a $100,000 bounty for the death of Rico Recklezz.

Soulja Boy vs. Rico Recklezz
Chicago Rapper Rico Recklezz sends shots with his new music video “Crank That.”

Rico Recklezz releases new diss track, titled “Crank That”

Rico Recklezz appears on WorldStarHipHop for his new diss track aimed at Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy Diss


Rico Recklezz raps “How you a soldier and you ain’t never go to war, Rico Recklezz, i’m like the boogey man, the Chiraq landlord.


Rico Recklezz flies to California

Soulja Boy vs. Rico Recklezz Beef

Soulja Boy vs. Rico Recklezz

Rico released the diss trackNo Talking,” which was aimed at MBAM Lil Flip and references Soulja Boy’s recent recent remarks at Lil Yachty, aka Lil Boat.

Rico Recklezz raps – “Soulja hoe ass keep dissing Yachty, this b*tch ass ain’t even got no body, talking tough on Twitter, but his scary ass won’t come to the lobby.

No Talking” Official Video

Listen to “No Talking” on SoundCloud

Soulja Boy Tweets 100k Bounty for Rico Recklezz dead

The tweet, which has now been deleted by Soulja Boy, read “He (Rico Recklezz) gon be dead before 2017. We sliding. I got 100k on his head.

Soulja Boy vs. Rico Recklezz

Rico Recklezz responds to Soulja Boy