Drake Says He’ll Do Anything To Help 600Breezy

Drake Says He’ll Get 600Breezy Out of Jail

Drake Helps 600Breezy – The popular Chicago Rapper, 600Breezy has been held in Iowa for a probation violation back in 2012. The charges were brought on by 600Breezy’s flashy social media presence, and his open marijuana use, violating the terms of his probation.

Drake texts 600Breezy
Drake texts 600breezy’s family.

Drake Helps 600Breezy – Exchanges Text Messages with family

  • 600 Breezy’s Family – “They went and revoked his probation and gave him 10 yrs. He won’t have to do it, but basically lock him up for smoking weed and being black.”

  • Drake – “Tonight?!?!?!?”

  • 600 Breezy’s Family – “We had court today in Waterloo, Iowa & if I wasn’t there I wouldn’t have believed what I saw.”

  • Drake – “I won’t let him sit. We will do everything we can.”

Drake Helps 600Breezy
Drake Texts 600Breezy’s Family regarding the Iowa court system.

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