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Bow Wow Punched

Bow Wow Punched For Dissing Future

Bow Wow Punched – Former rapper known as ‘Lil Boy Wow’ has an altercation for dissing Future. Bow Wow Punched As rapper Bow Wow is walking with a group of men, rapper Cheeks Bossman! punches him and sends him flying to the ground. Future’s rapper Cheeks Bossman! punches Bow Bow    Allegedly, Bow Wow was disrespecting…
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Ayoo KD Fights Lil Marcus

Chicago Rapper Ayoo KD Fights Lil Marcus

Chicago rappers Ayoo KD and Lil Marcus fight. A fight broke out between popular Chicago rappers, Ayoo KD and Lil Marcus. Watch the Chicago drill rappers fight it out.

Lil Durk - Crossroads

Lil Durk – Crossroads

Lil Durk – Crossroads | Crossroads is an homage to the original Bone Thugz-N-Harmony song, also called “Crossroads.” Crossroads – Lil Durk Lil Durk speaks about friends he’s lost throughout his time growing up in South Side, Chicago, IL. Durk recently lost his close friend, Fredo Santana. Lil Durk’s friends who’ve passed away Durk has lost…
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Wooski ft. Dooski - Shootas

Wooski ft. Dooski Tha Man – Shootas

Wooski ft. Dooski – Shootas | Drill Rappers and Chicago street legends team up on “Shootas.” Wooski, also known as “King Opp” has blown up since his first real song, computers remix, earned over 1.5 million views on YoutTube.

Lil Durk 1-773 Vulture

Lil Durk “1-773 Vulture”

Lil Durk “1-773 Vulture” | Watch the new music video “1-773 Vulture” from Lil Durk. In Lil Durk’ latest newest song in 2018, Durk paints a picture of the harsh reality growing up on the streets of Chicago. The music video represents the tragedies due to gang violence in South Side Chicago, IL.

FBG Duck - Slide | Tee Grizzley Warning

FBG Duck – Slide

FBG Duck – Slide | FBG Duck Sends Message to Tee Grizzley in the track titled, ‘Slide.’ Duck puts the pressure on Detroit rapper, “Tee Grizzley.” Grizzley has released many songs with Lil Durk, a rival gang member of FBG (Fly Boy Gang). Tee Grizzley also dissed Duck’s dead brother, FBG Brick on Instagram.

DOA in Due Time (Tee Grizzley Diss)

DOA in Due Time (TEE Grizzley DISS) – FBG Young and FBG Duck drop a new song in response to TEE Grizzley dissing FBG Duck’s Brother, FBG Brick. FBG Brick was shot and killed in 2017, along with FBG Duck’s Cousin.

FBG Cash ft. Wooski – Memo

FBG Cash ft. Wooski – FBG Cash also referred to as Cashout063, teamed up with one of the most feared Chicago rappers, Wooski. Wooski has earned praise from viral “Computers Remix.”

Lil Durk OTW

Cdot Honcho Feat. Lil Durk “OTW”

Cdot Honcho Feat. Lil Durk “OTW” Listen to the new track from Lil Durk and Cdot Honcho. Both Chicago Rappers are on the rise in 2018.

Wooski "Computers Remix"

Wooski “Computers Remix”

Wooski is a known enforcer for Fly Boy Gang, founded by FBG Duck. Wooski was released from prison in 2017, finally deciding to get serious and focus on his music in 2018.