When Music Becomes Reality – King Louie – Live & Die In Chicago [ChiraqDrill.com]

Live & Die in Chicago becomes an anthem for the Windy City

Live & Die in Chicago is one of King Louie’s best tracks that paints a picture of the socioeconomic struggles and violence in Chicago. King Louie recruits Chicago producer Smylez – one of the most well-known and talented producers in the Windy City.

King Louie Shot in December of 2015

On December 23, 2015, King Louie was shot in the head and chest – He survived and is has now fully recovered. On an interview with CNN, King Louie stated “They said the suspect shot 22 times and I was hit seven times,” he said. “Three of the slugs are still with me today – two in my chest, one in my head. The devil’s working overtime, that’s what’s going on in Chicago.”

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Live & Die in Chicago Lyrics

[Hook: King Louie]
I Smoke dope with the riders
Doors slide when we ride up
Stay inside or get fired up
To live & die in Chicago
Green light it’s a go, if I tell’em to blow
I keep that metal close
That’s how we ride in Chicago

[Verse 1]
I was made in Chicago. I got paid in Chicago. MUBU
Out of town getting counted profuses amounts then it’s back to Chicago. WOO
Been to Paris, LA, NY to A to (…) but they not like Chicago. When (……) poetic
Niggas turnin in to bitches like Chicago. I’ll mail’em a hallow. BOOM BOOM
Pay hits, them hittas will be at your address to see you tomorrow. Next day air!
Flexin cuttin up they callin me Zorrow. WOO
She got some explainin to do. Yo boo keep callin me Ricky Ricardo. LUCY
I be feen on shawty, all I need is more weed. I get money like Marlo. TONY
My name is Louie but they call me Tony the God of Chicago
Got drillers for hittas. Some real cool ass niggas that ride just like Tahoe
DOA they know (…). A Day to live & die in Chicago

[Verse 2]
They say you can make it anywhere, if you make it in Chicago. CHIRAQ
So don’t take offense when I speak about murders & bitches etcetera. MOVIE
I’m just speakin Chicago. WOO
The media people just eat it up, but really we run. MUBU
Niggas be frontin, they move knowin they can’t even come to Chicago, and they from
Murder capi of America, no murder rate like Chicago
My city influenced my country. Can’t get away from Chicago. CAN’T
They ask me Louie is you go leave, NO I’m go stay in Chicago
I’m the heart of Chicago. I go hard for Chicago
Big Poppa in my city. Get popped in my city. 2Pac of Chicago
But I’m still alive though, turn a white-T piru. WOO
Don’t come to Chicago. You’ll get lost in Chicago