2016 Chicago Drill Music News: A Year Ending Review

What’s Happened in Chicago’s Drill Music Scene in 2016?

In 2016, Chicago has experienced the deadliest year in almost 20 years. A December news article published by Newsweek, gained insight into the world of Chicago’s ongoing issues with gang related violence. Rico Recklezz, a Chicago Drill Rapper and member of the Black P Stones stated: “If they cut off all the social media sites, I ain’t gonna lie, it’ll stop some killing.

Rico Recklezz had a breakout year in 2016
Rico Recklezz had a breakout year in 2016

2016 Best Drill Rappers

Rico Recklezz had a year to remember in 2016. Not only did he release the popular summer diss track titled “Hit Em Up,” Rico was in a highly publicized feud with Soulja Boy. After Soulja Boy tweeted that he had a $100,000 bounty for the death of Rico Recklezz, Rico and his cousin Ewol Samo flew to L.A. to confront Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy quickly deleted the threats he made on Twitter, claiming that it was only for Social Media when confronted by a ‘Chicago OG.’

G Herbo, (Originally known as Lil Herb), is a famous drill rapper that was signed by a record label for his popular mixtape “Welcome To Fazoland,” released the mixtape “Strictly 4 My Fans” in November of 2016. The mixtape featured his friend, Lil Bibby, another well-known Chicago Drill Rapper, made waves when he announced he would attend college on a full-ride scholarship to study Computer Science.

Lil Durk - OTF
Lil Durk – The CEO of OTF

Lil Durk, the founder of OTF, released his second studio album titled ‘Lil Durk 2x.’ The second studio album from Lil Durk earned national praise, that only increased his top-dog status as the featured mainstream Chicago Drill Artist.

  • Rico Recklezz
  • G Herbo
  • Lil Durk
  • Lil Bibby

The Death of Chicago Music Producer Smylez

When the news broke surrounding the tragic death of Smylez – who was one of the most talented music producers in Chicago, hit the Chicago hip-hop community hard. Even Chicago Rap icons Chance The Rapper and Lupe Fiasco expressed their condolences.

The Death of Smylez The Death of Smylez

Official Chicago Drill Rappers Bio’s

Killa Kellz New Song – “If I Die Young”

Killa Kellz new track titled, “If I Die Young,” produced by Smylez

Killa Kellz “If I Die Young”

Killa Kellz makes drops a new song, titled “If I Die Young.”

Listen on Chiraq Drill’s SoundCloud

Listen on our Chiraq Drill SoundCloud

Killa Kellz Interview with ZackTv

Killa Kellz speaks on ending the GD vs. BD war in Chicago, and his upcoming projects.

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A Tribute to Chicago’s Drill Music Legend, Smylez

Tribute to Smylez

The tragic news of Smylez death from a brain aneurysm was reported on Thursday, October 27th, sending shockwaves throughout the Hip-Hop community.

As a fan of Chicago rap music, this tragic news was hard to swallow. Smylez one of the greatest producers of Chicago rap music, and brought together many artists that would not have recorded songs together due to gang-affiliations.

Smylez – Drill For a Deal

Smylez just dropped the emotional music video “Drill For A Deal” just before his death. You can hear the pain in his lyrics – from growing up in poverty to seeing death first hand.

Smylez’ Official YouTube

Jojo’s Revenge

Smylez and Killa Kellz team up and pay tribute to Lil Jojo.

BrickSquad 069

Smylez was a member of BrickSquad 069, producing the most famous songs for Lil Jojo. And was very close friends with Chicago drill rappers Killa Kellz, and P. Rico, and Rico Recklezz.

Smylez Official SoundCloud

King Louie & Smylez

Smylez -069

Smylez Bio

Smylez Bio - Chicago Producer.

Smylez was Born Izerrick Aigbokhan, Born on the westside of Chicago and raised on the South Side.

Upon growing up on the tough streets of Chicago he found a passion for rapping. He attended Paul Robeson High School with producer young Chop Where he discovered his talent for producing. Izerrick started Leagueboii with his high school friends and his older step brother, Judo Heffner.

He started rapping and producing with his neighborhood friends from 69th street where he started buzzing on the internet.

On September 4th his neighborhood friend Jo Jo was shot and killed. Now Smylez continues his music putting the street life of Chicago out to the public letting the world know with his great rapping and producing skills about the life of a young black male in Chicago relating it to Iraq.

When Music Becomes Reality – King Louie – Live & Die In Chicago [ChiraqDrill.com]

Live & Die in Chicago becomes an anthem for the Windy City

Live & Die in Chicago is one of King Louie’s best tracks that paints a picture of the socioeconomic struggles and violence in Chicago. King Louie recruits Chicago producer Smylez – one of the most well-known and talented producers in the Windy City.

King Louie Shot in December of 2015

On December 23, 2015, King Louie was shot in the head and chest – He survived and is has now fully recovered. On an interview with CNN, King Louie stated “They said the suspect shot 22 times and I was hit seven times,” he said. “Three of the slugs are still with me today – two in my chest, one in my head. The devil’s working overtime, that’s what’s going on in Chicago.”

Listen on YouTube

Live & Die in Chicago Lyrics

[Hook: King Louie]
I Smoke dope with the riders
Doors slide when we ride up
Stay inside or get fired up
To live & die in Chicago
Green light it’s a go, if I tell’em to blow
I keep that metal close
That’s how we ride in Chicago

[Verse 1]
I was made in Chicago. I got paid in Chicago. MUBU
Out of town getting counted profuses amounts then it’s back to Chicago. WOO
Been to Paris, LA, NY to A to (…) but they not like Chicago. When (……) poetic
Niggas turnin in to bitches like Chicago. I’ll mail’em a hallow. BOOM BOOM
Pay hits, them hittas will be at your address to see you tomorrow. Next day air!
Flexin cuttin up they callin me Zorrow. WOO
She got some explainin to do. Yo boo keep callin me Ricky Ricardo. LUCY
I be feen on shawty, all I need is more weed. I get money like Marlo. TONY
My name is Louie but they call me Tony the God of Chicago
Got drillers for hittas. Some real cool ass niggas that ride just like Tahoe
DOA they know (…). A Day to live & die in Chicago

[Verse 2]
They say you can make it anywhere, if you make it in Chicago. CHIRAQ
So don’t take offense when I speak about murders & bitches etcetera. MOVIE
I’m just speakin Chicago. WOO
The media people just eat it up, but really we run. MUBU
Niggas be frontin, they move knowin they can’t even come to Chicago, and they from
Murder capi of America, no murder rate like Chicago
My city influenced my country. Can’t get away from Chicago. CAN’T
They ask me Louie is you go leave, NO I’m go stay in Chicago
I’m the heart of Chicago. I go hard for Chicago
Big Poppa in my city. Get popped in my city. 2Pac of Chicago
But I’m still alive though, turn a white-T piru. WOO
Don’t come to Chicago. You’ll get lost in Chicago


Smylez Fishy Ft. Rico Recklezz

Smylez Featuring Rico Recklezz

Smylez and Rico Recklezz team up for a new track titled “Fishy.”

Fishy Ft. Rico Recklezz