Soulja Boy vs. Rico Recklezz Beef

Soulja Boy vs. Rico Recklezz

Rico released the diss trackNo Talking,” which was aimed at MBAM Lil Flip and references Soulja Boy’s recent recent remarks at Lil Yachty, aka Lil Boat.

Rico Recklezz raps – “Soulja hoe ass keep dissing Yachty, this b*tch ass ain’t even got no body, talking tough on Twitter, but his scary ass won’t come to the lobby.

No Talking” Official Video

Listen to “No Talking” on SoundCloud

Soulja Boy Tweets 100k Bounty for Rico Recklezz dead

The tweet, which has now been deleted by Soulja Boy, read “He (Rico Recklezz) gon be dead before 2017. We sliding. I got 100k on his head.

Soulja Boy vs. Rico Recklezz

Rico Recklezz responds to Soulja Boy

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