Rico Recklezz – New Mixtape “Big Recklezz”

Big Recklezz

Big Recklezz – New Mixtape

New mixtape from Rico Recklezz “Big Recklezz” available now!

Rico Recklezz Drops New Mixtape, ‘BIG RECKLEZZ.’

Listen to the latest mixtape after April’s Recklezz Scissorhands mixtape. Rico is no stranger to releasing projects, as he has dropped over 13 mixtapes in his career.

Rico Recklezz’s Big Recklezz Mixtape

  1. “My Money”
  2. “Pay Her”
  3. The Safe
  4. Twerkin & Lurkin”
  5. “Bape”
  6. “Thang”
  7. “Walkin Wit Da Devil”
  8. “Bankroll & Bigbooty Bitches”
  9. “Sneak Dissin”
  10. “Jail Thoughts”
  11. “Rain” Featuring C-Row
  12. “Designaclothes”
  13. “Stove”
  14. “Backdown”
  15. “Birthday”
Big Recklezz Mixtape
Rico Recklezz – Big Recklezz Mixtape

Rico Recklezz Interview: Why Drill Music Will Never Die out

Rico Recklezz sits down with DJ Small Eyes and discusses the state of Chicago’s Drill Music scene in the summer of 2017.

Rico Recklezz Interview
Rico Recklezz on state of drill music.

Rico Recklezz Summer 2017 Interview

Rico explains why many record labels are shying away from popular Chicago rappers in 2017. Just a few years ago, Chief Keef exploded into stardom and has had many run-ins with the law since.

Rico Recklezz Interview: Rico Responds if Drill Music is Dying Out?

DJ Small Eyes on the state of drill music:

“It seems like Chicago Rap Music was on fire a few years ago, and it seems like it was stronger a couple years ago.”

Rico Recklezz Speaks Live From Cook County Jail

Rico Recklezz Speaks Live From Cook County Jail

Rico Recklezz Live From Jail: Rico is currently locked up in Cook County Jail. Cook County is one of the most violent jails in the America. Saturday, January 07, 2017, 5 inmates were seriously wounded during a jailhouse brawl.

Rico Recklezz Locked Up
Rico Recklezz is currently locked up in Cook County Jail.

Rico Recklezz Live From Jail

Rico’s manager – Chicago King Dave, posted a video on Twitter while conversing with about his artists upcoming mixtape. During the interview, Rico claims that Chicago Rapper Lil Jay is indeed in protective custody.

Rico Calls Out King Yella

Recklezz didn’t hesitate to call out King Yella – Yella and Rico released diss songs against each other, only adding fuel to the fire.

Rico Recklezz – “I Remember”

Rico Recklezz – “I Remember” | Listen Now

Listen to the powerful new song, “I Remember” from Rico Recklezz. The new track was uploaded to WSHH, as Rico sheds light on his upbringing as a young child in Chicago.

Rico Recklezz - "I Remember"
New Music Video from Rico Recklezz, titled “I Remember”

Rico raps about his childhood in new song, “I Remember”

In the new track, Recklezz raps about growing up in a single family household and how experiencing poverty at such a young age affected his self-esteem. Rico shares that he used to wear the same clothes to school – even sharing wardrobes with his sister.

Watch the new official music video “I Remember”

Rico drops his new track as a WorldStarHipHop Exclusive Music Video

“I Remember” dropped on May 18th, and has earned over 343,608 views on YouTube.

New Rico Recklezz Interview: Bonding Out His Cousin Ewol Samo

New Interview: Rico Recklezz Explains Why he hasn’t bonded out Ewol Samo

New Interview with SayCheeseTV: Rico Recklezz spoke with SayCheeseTV regarding the incarceration of his cousin, Ewol Samo. Ewol was locked up for his 4th gun-related crime, with a $600,000 bond. Samo was attempting to get his life together, and now faces up to 20 years in prison.

Rico Recklezz says Ewol Samo is facing 20 years in prison

Fresh off a XXL nomination, the “KushSmokeGunSmoke” rapper is on tour, and even performed at SXSW this year. Rico explains that every time his friends get locked-up, he sends them money and makes sure they’re taken care of.

New Interview from Rico Recklezz
Rico Recklezz and SayCheeseTV.

Rico Recklezz Releases New Track Titled “Bait”

Rico Recklezz Ft. Biggzlah – “Bait”

Coming off a XXL Freshman nomination, Rico Recklezz releases a new song called “Bait,” featuring Biggzlah.

Rico Recklezz Releases New Track Titled Bait 

Rico Recklezz-“Bait”

The track is a hard-hitting and “recklezz” song, with a super catchy hook. Rico Raps:

20 grand in my hand that’s bait, 20 shots get to aiming at your face, all my n*ggas gang-gangin’ in the party, he got killed – his dumb ass tried to rob me.

Rico Recklezz and Laka Films

Laka Films is the producer that earned Famous Dex national attention for the song “Drip From My Walk,” eventually launching Dexter into stardom. Shortly after, Famous Dex teamed up with Rich The Kid and 300 Entertainment.

Rico Recklezz Releases New Track Titled "Bait"
New song from Rico Recklezz titled, “Bait”

new music from my boy @RICO_RECKLEZZ https://t.co/0KZsupFemn #BAIT #ChiraqDrill

Rico Recklezz realized in order to earn millions of views, he would need to seek out the best video director that Chicago has to offer. These days, that man is Laka Films.

Listen to “Bait” on YouTube

Laka Films directs the exclusive new video “Bait”

Rico Recklezz – Recklezz Scissorhandz

Rico Recklezz – Recklezz Scissorhandz

Rico dropped his latest mixtape titled ‘Recklezz Scissorhandz’ on April 15, 2017. The new mixtape has features from: Ewol Samo, Killa Kellz, King Samson, I.L. WILL, Kilo Santana, and Shawty P.

Rico Recklezz - Recklezz Scissorhandz
Recklezz Scissorhandz

Listen to ‘Recklezz Scissorhandz’

Download the new mixtape from Rico Recklezz on MyMixtapez.

Rico Recklezz — “Certified Demon” | 2017 Drill Music

Rico Recklezz Certified Demon

On January 12, Rico Recklezz released a new music video titled “Certified Demon.” In this new music video, Rico Recklezz calls out rappers: King Yella, Snap Dogg, Soulja Boy, and Tay600. The music video was directed by @lakafilms, and produced by DJ Cortez.

Rico Recklezz Certified Demon
Listen to the new song, “Certified Demon” by Rico Recklezz.

Rico Recklezz: Certified Demon Lyrics

“They say I’m crazy, but I don’t really see it, to that n*gga that said f*ck me when I caught him he said he didn’t really mean it.”
Rico Recklezz – “Certified Demon”

Watch the song Certified Demon on YouTube

Rico Recklezz – “Snappy” (Snap Dogg Diss) | 2017 Drill Music Beef


Rico Recklezz Releases New Snap Dogg Diss Song

After initially trading shots back and forth solely on social media – the beef between Rico Recklezz and the Detroit-based rapper Snap Dogg has turned personal. Rico Recklezz made the drive to Detroit and posted a video of himself in Snap Dogg’s neighborhood Mack Ave. Allegedly, while Rico was at a club in Detroit, someone opened fire outside of the night club.


How did the beef start?

Following the viral trend between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown, Snap Dogg posted videos of himself training in a boxing ring, and challenged Rico Recklezz to a boxing match.

Rico Recklezz Tweets DJ Akademiks

The confrontation was ending between Rico Recklezz and Snap Dogg, until Snap Dogg said he’d do a video on Lil Jojo’s grave during his live Instagram feed. Now, the situation is getting more dangerous, as other rappers like FBG Duck, and P.Rico were called out by Snap Dogg.

Chiraq 2 Detroit
Rico Recklezz vs. Snap Dogg

2016 Chicago Drill Music News: A Year Ending Review

What’s Happened in Chicago’s Drill Music Scene in 2016?

In 2016, Chicago has experienced the deadliest year in almost 20 years. A December news article published by Newsweek, gained insight into the world of Chicago’s ongoing issues with gang related violence. Rico Recklezz, a Chicago Drill Rapper and member of the Black P Stones stated: “If they cut off all the social media sites, I ain’t gonna lie, it’ll stop some killing.

Rico Recklezz had a breakout year in 2016
Rico Recklezz had a breakout year in 2016

2016 Best Drill Rappers

Rico Recklezz had a year to remember in 2016. Not only did he release the popular summer diss track titled “Hit Em Up,” Rico was in a highly publicized feud with Soulja Boy. After Soulja Boy tweeted that he had a $100,000 bounty for the death of Rico Recklezz, Rico and his cousin Ewol Samo flew to L.A. to confront Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy quickly deleted the threats he made on Twitter, claiming that it was only for Social Media when confronted by a ‘Chicago OG.’

G Herbo, (Originally known as Lil Herb), is a famous drill rapper that was signed by a record label for his popular mixtape “Welcome To Fazoland,” released the mixtape “Strictly 4 My Fans” in November of 2016. The mixtape featured his friend, Lil Bibby, another well-known Chicago Drill Rapper, made waves when he announced he would attend college on a full-ride scholarship to study Computer Science.

Lil Durk - OTF
Lil Durk – The CEO of OTF

Lil Durk, the founder of OTF, released his second studio album titled ‘Lil Durk 2x.’ The second studio album from Lil Durk earned national praise, that only increased his top-dog status as the featured mainstream Chicago Drill Artist.

  • Rico Recklezz
  • G Herbo
  • Lil Durk
  • Lil Bibby

The Death of Chicago Music Producer Smylez

When the news broke surrounding the tragic death of Smylez – who was one of the most talented music producers in Chicago, hit the Chicago hip-hop community hard. Even Chicago Rap icons Chance The Rapper and Lupe Fiasco expressed their condolences.

The Death of Smylez The Death of Smylez

Official Chicago Drill Rappers Bio’s