Lil Jay – Ball A Lot (Ft Famous Dex) [Leak] – [New Chicago Drill Music]

Lil Jay and Famous Dex “Ball A Lot.”

Lil Jay vs. Famous Dex

As Lil Jay has been in Cook County Jail, Famous Dex has been making moves. Famous Dex was good friends with Lil Jay and can be seen in many videos with Fly Boy Gang. Lil Jay called Billionaire Black and FBG Duck from Jail to share his thoughts on Famous Dex – “Dex my son on foenem.

Shorty was BDK, shorty was with the sh*t,” Jay said. “I don’t know what happened now. I only talked to shorty one time. He said he ain’t BDK and all that sh*t. We all was brothers in this sh*t. I don’t know where the fu sh*t come from. …They say money change some n****s. We been had the clout, we been had the money. He must be feeling himself cause he got a little bit of clout. Let short gon head and do him. We still gon do us.”

Lil Jay Featuring Famous Dex – Ball A Lot [Leaked Track”]

Famous Dex Speaks on Lil Jay

Lil Jay Responds to Famous Dex from Jail

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