Lil Jay – Return of Carlito

Lil Jay – Return of Carlito – Listen the the new mixtape “Return of Carlito.”

Lil Jay – Return of Carlito

King Lil Jay, known as the “Chiraq Wolverine” by DJ Akademiks, drops “Return of Carlito.”

Lil Jay Return of Carlito Mixtape

Lil Jay – Return Of Carlito (Full Mixtape)

Listen to the new 2017 mixtape from King Lil Jay, currently in prison after denying an 8 year plea deal.

DJ Vlad Interviews Lil Jay

DJ Vlad Interviews Lil Jay On His Upcoming Murder Trial

DJ Vlad Interviews Lil Jay about his upcoming trial and his former friend FBG Butta. The Chicago Rapper has been locked up for over 2 years, and will soon hear the verdict for an attempted murder.

King Lil Jay stated that he’s spent nearly $200,000 on three different lawyers during his stay at Cook County Jail. During the interview, Lil Jay appears somber and apathetic – much different from his usual energetic and cocky persona.

DJ Vlad Interviews Lil Jay
DJ Vlad Interviews Chicago Rapper Lil Jay.

DJ Vlad asks Lil Jay about his relationship with FBG Butta

Lil Jay states that FBG Butta will testify against him during the upcoming trial. Jay states that he has proof that FBG Butta told on him to attain a lighter sentence, and says he’d rather not speak on the issue.

Lil Jay says he’s no longer ‘FBG’

During the interview, Lil Jay said that he’s no longer affiliated with his former rap group FBG (Fly Boy Gang). Jay stated that none of his former friends and associates donated money that he could use in order to afford costly lawyer fees.

Famous Dex Speaks on Bonding Out Lil Jay

Famous Dex Speaks: “If I had a million dollars, Lil Jay would be out of Jail.”

Famous Dex speaks on Lil Jay: Dexter discusses his friendship with fellow Chicago-based rapper, Lil Jay. Lil Jay is currently locked up – with a bond set at $80,000.

Famous Dex Speaks on Lil Jay
Famous Dex with Lil Jay in music video.

Lil Jay’s manager, Rockstar Harry J says: “We need that bread, so he can get the f**k out the jam. It’s not going to me. It’s going directly to him. Everybody hitting me up about that Famous Dex s**t. He ain’t doing s**t. He talked to him a couple times over the phone. I think n****s broke. I see n****s flashing money, but didn’t nobody put up money for the bail. Didn’t nobody do s**t.”

Famous Dex Speaks on rapper Lil Jay’s Situation

Dexter says that he reads the comments on social media regarding criticism for not contributing money to bond Lil Jay out of jail.

Dex says that it’s easy to judge when fans are on the outside looking in, but his family is his first priority when it comes to money. The fans don’t know how hard you work for it, and who else you have to take care of first.

Famous Dex says that he loves Lil Jay, but he can’t afford to bail out Lil Jay. Dexter says that he is not yet a millionaire, and he can’t give away his hard-earned money right now.

Lil Jay's Fundraiser
Help bring Lil Jay home

Contribute to Lil Jay’s Fundraiser

Follow this link to donate to Lil Jay’s bond payment.

Lil Jay Freestyles From Jail

Lil Jay Freestyles From Jail

Lil Jay.

Say Cheese Tv interviews from Lil Jay from Jail. Now that Lil jay has moved to another correctional facility, he’s now able to do video visits from any webcam. All fans have to do is login to a VisiTel account, and you can schedule Video Visitation calls from your home or at a Detention Center.

How to Put Money Directly on Lil Jay’s Books

Go to AccessCorrections, and enter inmate number – 20150507039.

Lil Jay’s Mailing Address

  • Jeff McGraw
  • #20150507039
  • P.O Box 089002
  • Chicago, IL, 60608

Lil Jay Interview from Cook County Jail: Parts 2, 3, & 4

Lil Jay Interview with SayCheeseTV while in Cook County.

Lil Jay Interview.

Lil Jay speaks on the phone from Cook County Jail

Lil Jay Mugshot 2020.
Lil Jay Mugshot 2020.

The eccentric rapper Lil Jay discusses his past beef with Chief Keef, how his new album Bars of Clout 3 & 4 are on the way.

Jay is currently in Cook County Jail, where rumors surfaced that he may be homosexual.

Lil Jay Interview Part 2


Lil Jay Interview: Part 3

Jay discusses his $125,000 bond and FBG Butta.

Lil Jay Interview : Part 4


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Lil Jay Interview From Jail: Part 1

Lil Jay Interviews From Jail

Lil Jay Interviews with Say Cheese TV from Cook County Jail. Lil Jay discusses his current relationship with RondoNumbaNine, his day-one friend FBG Butta, and more.

Lil Jay – Ball A Lot (Ft Famous Dex) [Leak] – [New Chicago Drill Music]

Lil Jay and Famous Dex “Ball A Lot.”

Lil Jay vs. Famous Dex

As Lil Jay has been in Cook County Jail, Famous Dex has been making moves. Famous Dex was good friends with Lil Jay and can be seen in many videos with Fly Boy Gang. Lil Jay called Billionaire Black and FBG Duck from Jail to share his thoughts on Famous Dex – “Dex my son on foenem.

Shorty was BDK, shorty was with the sh*t,” Jay said. “I don’t know what happened now. I only talked to shorty one time. He said he ain’t BDK and all that sh*t. We all was brothers in this sh*t. I don’t know where the fu sh*t come from. …They say money change some n****s. We been had the clout, we been had the money. He must be feeling himself cause he got a little bit of clout. Let short gon head and do him. We still gon do us.”

Lil Jay Featuring Famous Dex – Ball A Lot [Leaked Track”]

Famous Dex Speaks on Lil Jay

Lil Jay Responds to Famous Dex from Jail