Wooski ft. Dooski Tha Man – Shootas

Wooski ft. Dooski Tha Man – Shootas | Drill Rappers and Chicago street legends team up on “Shootas.”

Wooski ft. Dooski Tha Man – Shootas

Chiraq rapper Wooski from FBG and Chicago rapper Dooski drop a new message. Street legends team up on “Shootas.”

Wooski has blown up since his first real attempt at rapping. His hit song computers remix, earned over 1.5 million views on YoutTube.

Shootas – FBG Wooski ft. Dooski Da Man

Wooski raps: “You can’t hang where I hang, nigga we some shootas.”

Wooski Dooski Shootas.


Chicago Rapper Wooski hits 1.5 Million Views on YouTube

The “Computers Remix” by FBG Wooski has caused quite a buzz in Chicago. It’s only a matter of time before Fly Boy Gang gets Industry Recognition.

Cdot Honcho Feat. Lil Durk “OTW”

Cdot Honcho Feat. Lil Durk “OTW”

Cdot Honcho Feat. Lil Durk “OTW” (Official Audio)

Cdot Honcho Feat. Lil Durk “OTW” Listen to the new track from Lil Durk and Cdot Honcho. Both Chicago Rappers are on the rise in 2018.

New Music from Lil Durk in 2018

Cdot Honcho Feat. Lil Durk “OTW” Listen to the new track from Lil Durk and Cdot Honcho.

Lil Durk OTW

G Herbo Releases “Never Cared”

G Herbo Never Cared

G Herbo Never Cared

G Herbo releases the official audio for Never Cared, on December 10th.

G Hebo drops the new official audio for his new track, “Never Cared.”

G Herbo Discusses Debut Album ‘Humble Beast,’ on Vibe

G Herbo’s lucid exploits about his East Side neighborhood come from a place of frustration with living in the abyss of poverty. His honest aggressiveness is the result of shootouts, gang violence and the murders of foes as well as Herbo’s close friends such as Fazo and Kobe. In fact, the Chi-city rapper dedicated two mixtapes to his deceased brothers with Welcome to Fazoland and Ballin’ Like I’m Kobe, respectively.

After releasing a host of projects since stepping in the game back in 2014, the rapper born Herbert Randall Wright has managed to gain a solid core following by continuing to tell important yet harrowing stories that many black youths can relate to. His growth is evident.

Despite his removal from his 150 Rock Block (due to his success as a rapper), Herbo is able to rap about street issues without recycling the same tired stories. Not an easy feat.

With his debut album, Humble Beast, a few days away, G Herbo sat with VIBE to discuss his new project, his study of the culture, the late Tupac, risking his life in the streets and missing studio sessions during the recording of his freshman mixtape, Welcome to Fazoland.

“The reason I say it’s my favorite [Welcome to Fazoland] is because it came out so good, and I ain’t even give a f**k about rap when I made that sh*t,” Herbo says. “I ain’t even care. I cared about rap, I wanted to rap, but I was in the streets. I was missing studio sessions, missing everything, high off drink, risking my life every day while I’m recording this sh*t. My homies getting killed, I’m coming to the studio the next day recording songs.”

G Herbo Speaks On Street Culture

During the second part of our interview, the 22-year-old shared his opinions of the different types of street guys one may encounter, and wanting to leave his fans with something of substance when he meets them.

“When people see me, I want to leave them with something. I’ve been out here in New York on some late-night sh*t at three, four in the morning in Times Square, talking to people for 40 minutes because they asking me questions,” Herbo says.

FBG Duck – Afraid

FBG Duck – Afraid | View updates on Twitter.

FBG Duck – Afraid (New Music)

For the first time, FBG Duck gets extremely personal on a track. The death of his older brother, FBG Brick, and his cousin Kobe in the same day.

FGB Duck Afraid – FBG Duck gets personal

Duck solemnly mentions the death of his younger sister, LeAndrea White. LeAndrea passed during an apartment fire. Out of respect for the family, I don’t want to elaborate on sensitive information while losing a child.

FBG Duck - Chiraq
FBG Fuck – Fly Boy Gang

FBG Brick, The brother of FBG Duck is murdered

FBG Duck - Afraid
FBG Duck and FBG Brick

FBG Duck Reveals his past Trauma

FBG Ducks extremely traumatic and negative experiences at a young age usually cause lasting psychologic effects. Even Ducks’ enemies understand he’s usually not someone to mess with.

Lettuce – DDG & Famous Dex

Lettuce – Watch the official video from Famous Dex and DDG.

DDG and Famous Dex.
DDG and Famous Dex release a new official music video.

Famous Dex and DDG – Lettuce

On Oct 11, 2017, Famous Dex and DDG release their first official music video together. This is the first collaboration between the flamboyant Chicago rapper Famous Dexand, and Pontiac, Michigan rapper, DGG.

DDG and Famous Dex team up on new Song

DDG is a signed to DemonBeats Recordings, releasing 10 tracks on his official Soundcloud account. DDG is a famous YouTube daily Vlogger and rapper from Pontiac, Michigan.

DDG, born Darryl Granberry Jr., is a 19 year old rapper and YouTube Vlogger known as “PontiacMadeMeDoIt.”

"Lettuce" - DDG & Famous Dex
DDG & Famous Dex.

TRUE FOE – “Nonfiction”

True Foe releases the new track titled “Nonfiction.”

True FOE – “Nonfiction” | Official Audio

Chicago rapper True FOE releases the official audio of his new track titled “Nonfiction.”

True Foe – Uptown Chicago Rapper

True Foe
Uptown Chicago Rapper True Foe.

The uptown Chicago rapper, True Foe, releases his new track titled “Nonfiction.”

Follow True Foe on his official Twitter account.

FYB J Mane featuring FYB Montae – RNM

Chicago Artists FYB J Mane & FYB Montae Release New Track Titled “RNM.”

FYB J Mane and FYB Montae release a track titled “RNS.”

FYB J Mane

FYB J Mane is known for dissing Chief Keef and Lil Reese.

Lil Durk – Pick Your Poison [Love Songs For The Streets]

Lil Durk Pick Your Poison – The new music from Lil Durk is Off Lil Durk’s “Love Songs For The Streets” Project, hosted by DJ Drama & DJ Bandz.

Durk Banks is now taking his rap skills to the next level – While still keeping his Chicago roots. In November of 2015, Durk relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, connecting with trap rapper YNF Lucci.

Lil Durk’s “Pick Your Poison” Hit

Lil Reese appears in the “Pick Your Poison” new music video, but does not perform a verse on the track.

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Lil Durk “Pick Your Poison” – WSHH Exclusive

Lil Durk Pick Your Poison
Listen to the new track “Pick Your Poison” by Lil Durk.

Pick your poison was featured on WSHH, gaining 34,000 plays in only the first 3 hours.

Lil Durk Pick Your Poison Lyrics


I been running with that street vibe, I fell back off that love shit
You tryna play me for a goofy, that’s that bullshit I be with robbers like to mug shit
I’d rather be around some niggas I can thug with
Same niggas say they ain’t switch up on me
And this Rollie face a bigger bonus
Hang with the killers homie
Money hungry, getting busy
And the stick up homies
So pick your poison

[Verse 1]

It be so phony
I got locked up, they couldn’t send me a lawyer
My mama had told me
These niggas ain’t real, niggas be actin’ like homies
Screaming they gang, ain’t put in work, that shit be annoying
Police scorcher, gotta watch out when you servin’ that corner
What you know about late night in that trap, you ain’t make no dime, yeah
Or telling your kids you gotta million, still ain’t make no time yet
Or in jail for a body and the judge keep telling you you get no time back
Or when you live in the trenches with the fame, and you live where the crime at
Gangsters was our idols, we don’t believe in titles
True to my religion, we don’t believe in bibles
See one of my rivals, we don’t drive right by you
Glock got a beam, clip stick out like Eiffel

[Hook #2]

I been running with that street vibe, I fell back off that love shit
You tryna play me for a goofy, that’s that bullshit I be with robbers like to mug shit
I’d rather be around some niggas I can thug with
Same niggas say they ain’t switch up on me
And this Rollie face a bigger bonus
Hang with the killers homie
Money hungry, getting busy
And the stick up homies
So pick your poison

[Verse 2]

Hell yeah I hold a grudge
These niggas ain’t show no love
These niggas was nowhere to be found, I had low income
How the hell I’ma pay my bills? I had no income
I was always taught to fight, lil boy don’t ever run
My daddy got life in prison, my moms said here he come
And I was posted on that porch and he ain’t never come
Yeah that trap going crazy inside them projects homie
Got out early from the feds, lil boy don’t call my phone
I put my life on the line for niggas who in line
I used to chew on them xannies to get me through the times
I used to believe all them rumors, it took over my mind

And if I put my name on it then that shit is mine

Famous Dex – Hot Like A Balloon

New Famous Dex Song – “Hot Like A Balloon”

New Famous Dex Track: Dexter released his new music video “Hot Like A Balloon ,”teaming up with Chicago videographer  Laka Films. Famous Dex and Laka Films have teamed up on many music videos that’ve amassed millions of views on YouTube.

Top 5 Famous Dex and Laka Films Music Videos

Take a look at how many views Dex and Laka have earned together over YouTube alone. The numbers speaks for themselves.

  1. Famous Dex – “2 Times” —14,822,798 views
  2. Famous Dex – “Drip From My Walk” — 13,950,688 views
  3. Famous Dex – “Rambo” — 9,138,076 views
  4. Famous Dex – “Watch Out Remix” — 8,226,035 views
  5. Famous Dex – “Kanye” — 7,288,250 views
New Famous Dex
Listen to Famous Dex “Hot Like A Balloon.”

Hot Like A Balloon From Famous Dex

The new music video from Dexter dropped on Jun 24, 2017. The video was directed by Laka Films and directed by LouieKnows. Listen to our Famous Dex playlist and see our favorite songs from Dexter.

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Famous Dex Clothing
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Rico Recklezz – “I Remember”

Rico Recklezz – “I Remember” | Listen Now

Listen to the powerful new song, “I Remember” from Rico Recklezz. The new track was uploaded to WSHH, as Rico sheds light on his upbringing as a young child in Chicago.

Rico Recklezz - "I Remember"
New Music Video from Rico Recklezz, titled “I Remember”

Rico raps about his childhood in new song, “I Remember”

In the new track, Recklezz raps about growing up in a single family household and how experiencing poverty at such a young age affected his self-esteem. Rico shares that he used to wear the same clothes to school – even sharing wardrobes with his sister.

Watch the new official music video “I Remember”

Rico drops his new track as a WorldStarHipHop Exclusive Music Video

“I Remember” dropped on May 18th, and has earned over 343,608 views on YouTube.