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Famous Dex Buys 2 New Chains

Famous Dex Buys New Gold Chains

Famous Dex Buys 2 New Gold Chains after being robbed in L.A. Goons from L.A. Demand he pays them money to get his chain back. Read More   Famous Dex Buys New Gold Chains During NBA All-Star weekend, Famous Dex had his signature Dexter chain stolen from him by goons. Famous Dex buys 2 New…
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Lettuce - Famous Dex and DDG

Lettuce – DDG & Famous Dex

Lettuce – Watch the official video from Famous Dex and DDG. Famous Dex and DDG – Lettuce On Oct 11, 2017, Famous Dex and DDG release their first official music video together. This is the first collaboration between the flamboyant Chicago rapper Famous Dexand, and Pontiac, Michigan rapper, DGG. DDG and Famous Dex team up on new…
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Famous Dex No Longer Signed to Rich Forever?

Famous Dex: No Longer Signed to Rich Forever?

Famous Dex no longer Rich Forever? Famous Dex posted a video on Instagram live, stating he’s no longer signed to Rich The Kid’s label. Famous Dex No Longer Rich Forever Famous Dex claims he’s no longer signed to Rich Forever Famous Dex posts a video on Instagram live, stating he’s no longer signed under Rich…
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Famous Dex - Hot Like A Ballon

Famous Dex – Hot Like A Balloon

New Famous Dex Song – “Hot Like A Balloon” New Famous Dex Track: Dexter released his new music video “Hot Like A Balloon ,”teaming up with Chicago videographer  Laka Films. Famous Dex and Laka Films have teamed up on many music videos that’ve amassed millions of views on YouTube. Top 5 Famous Dex and Laka Films…
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Famous Dex on Lil Jay

Famous Dex Speaks on Bonding Out Lil Jay

Famous Dex Speaks: “If I had a million dollars, Lil Jay would be out of Jail.” Famous Dex speaks on Lil Jay: Dexter discusses his friendship with fellow Chicago-based rapper, Lil Jay. Lil Jay is currently locked up – with a bond set at $80,000. Lil Jay’s manager, Rockstar Harry J says: “We need that…
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Famous Dex Interview

Famous Dex Interview – How to become a successful artist

Famous Dex Explains How To Become A Successful Artist During the interview, Famous Dex discusses his life growing up in Chicago, and how he used to pray for a better future. Dex discusses his faith, and how he still honors God’s name. Famous Dex (born Dexter Gore), originally performed under the moniker ‘Black Migo Dex,‘…
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Famous Dex – New Wave | Official Video

Famous Dex Featuring Rich The Kid “New Wave,” Official Video.

Ben Francc Ft. Famous Dex — Scottie Pippen | Dexter & Benn Francc | New Track

Listen to the new single from Ben Francc ft. Famous Dex, titled “Scottie Pippen.”

Lemonade by Famous Dex

Lemonade – Famous Dex | Official Music Video

Watch the official music video “Lemonade” by Famous Dex, also known as Dexter.

Puma denies relationship with Rapper Famous Dex After Domestic Violence incident

After the shocking video footage of Chicago rapper Famous Dex hitting his girlfriend was made viral on twitter, Puma responded by denouncing their relationship with the former model.