Famous Dex – Gun Fight

Gun Fight – Famous Dex | Listen to the new song from Famous Dex, titled “Gun Fight.”

Gun Fight - Famous Dex

Gun Fight – Famous Dex

Famous Dex, also known as Dexter, released his new music video Gun Fight on WorldStarHipHop.

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Famous Dex Buys New Gold Chains

Famous Dex Buys 2 New Gold Chains after being robbed in L.A. Goons from L.A. Demand he pays them money to get his chain back.

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Famous Dex Buys New Gold Chains

During NBA All-Star weekend, Famous Dex had his signature Dexter chain stolen from him by goons.

Famous Dex Buys New Gold Chains
Famous Dex Buys New Gold Chains after he claims he was set-up in, leading to his chain snatching.

Famous Dex buys 2 New Gold Chains worth $75,000


LA goon has been all over social media wearing Famous Dex’s “Dexter” chain.

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Lettuce – DDG & Famous Dex

Lettuce – Watch the official video from Famous Dex and DDG.

DDG and Famous Dex.
DDG and Famous Dex release a new official music video.

Famous Dex and DDG – Lettuce

On Oct 11, 2017, Famous Dex and DDG release their first official music video together. This is the first collaboration between the flamboyant Chicago rapper Famous Dexand, and Pontiac, Michigan rapper, DGG.

DDG and Famous Dex team up on new Song

DDG is a signed to DemonBeats Recordings, releasing 10 tracks on his official Soundcloud account. DDG is a famous YouTube daily Vlogger and rapper from Pontiac, Michigan.

DDG, born Darryl Granberry Jr., is a 19 year old rapper and YouTube Vlogger known as “PontiacMadeMeDoIt.”

"Lettuce" - DDG & Famous Dex
DDG & Famous Dex.

Famous Dex: No Longer Signed to Rich Forever?

Famous Dex no longer Rich Forever? Famous Dex posted a video on Instagram live, stating he’s no longer signed to Rich The Kid’s label.

Famous Dex No Longer Rich Forever

Famous Dex no longer Rich Forever
Famous Dex says he’s no longer signed to Rich Forever

Famous Dex claims he’s no longer signed to Rich Forever

Famous Dex posts a video on Instagram live, stating he’s no longer signed under Rich The Kid’s record label. Let’s hope Rich The Kid and Dex can remain friends, as Rich The Kid responds to Famous Dex’s video, claiming:

“He’s too high, he’s just upset his album wasn’t released.”

Famous Dex – Hot Like A Balloon

New Famous Dex Song – “Hot Like A Balloon”

New Famous Dex Track: Dexter released his new music video “Hot Like A Balloon ,”teaming up with Chicago videographer  Laka Films. Famous Dex and Laka Films have teamed up on many music videos that’ve amassed millions of views on YouTube.

Top 5 Famous Dex and Laka Films Music Videos

Take a look at how many views Dex and Laka have earned together over YouTube alone. The numbers speaks for themselves.

  1. Famous Dex – “2 Times” —14,822,798 views
  2. Famous Dex – “Drip From My Walk” — 13,950,688 views
  3. Famous Dex – “Rambo” — 9,138,076 views
  4. Famous Dex – “Watch Out Remix” — 8,226,035 views
  5. Famous Dex – “Kanye” — 7,288,250 views
New Famous Dex
Listen to Famous Dex “Hot Like A Balloon.”

Hot Like A Balloon From Famous Dex

The new music video from Dexter dropped on Jun 24, 2017. The video was directed by Laka Films and directed by LouieKnows. Listen to our Famous Dex playlist and see our favorite songs from Dexter.

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Famous Dex Clothing
Purchase Official Famous Dex Clothing

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Famous Dex Speaks on Bonding Out Lil Jay

Famous Dex Speaks: “If I had a million dollars, Lil Jay would be out of Jail.”

Famous Dex speaks on Lil Jay: Dexter discusses his friendship with fellow Chicago-based rapper, Lil Jay. Lil Jay is currently locked up – with a bond set at $80,000.

Famous Dex Speaks on Lil Jay
Famous Dex with Lil Jay in music video.

Lil Jay’s manager, Rockstar Harry J says: “We need that bread, so he can get the f**k out the jam. It’s not going to me. It’s going directly to him. Everybody hitting me up about that Famous Dex s**t. He ain’t doing s**t. He talked to him a couple times over the phone. I think n****s broke. I see n****s flashing money, but didn’t nobody put up money for the bail. Didn’t nobody do s**t.”

Famous Dex Speaks on rapper Lil Jay’s Situation

Dexter says that he reads the comments on social media regarding criticism for not contributing money to bond Lil Jay out of jail.

Dex says that it’s easy to judge when fans are on the outside looking in, but his family is his first priority when it comes to money. The fans don’t know how hard you work for it, and who else you have to take care of first.

Famous Dex says that he loves Lil Jay, but he can’t afford to bail out Lil Jay. Dexter says that he is not yet a millionaire, and he can’t give away his hard-earned money right now.

Lil Jay's Fundraiser
Help bring Lil Jay home

Contribute to Lil Jay’s Fundraiser

Follow this link to donate to Lil Jay’s bond payment.

Famous Dex Interview – How to become a successful artist

Famous Dex Explains How To Become A Successful Artist

During the interview, Famous Dex discusses his life growing up in Chicago, and how he used to pray for a better future. Dex discusses his faith, and how he still honors God’s name.

Famous Dex (born Dexter Gore), originally performed under the moniker ‘Black Migo Dex,‘ remixing Dej Loaf’s hit song “Try Me.

Famous Dex Before The Fame
Here is a picture of Famous Dex in South Side, Chicago, IL.

Famous Dex Interview

While counting hundred dollar bills, Dexter says:

One thing about me is that I used God’s name when I didn’t have it, and now that I have it – I still use God’s name.

Famous Dex – “How To Be a Successful Artist”

Chicago-based Director Laka Films speaks to Famous Dex about hard work and dedication to his craft. Dex explains that he was not an overnight sensation, and always remained positive about his future career as an entertainer.

Famous Dex Interview – How to become a successful artist from hiphopheads

Famous Dex – New Wave | Official Video

New Wave – Famous Dex Ft. Rich The Kid – New Wave Video

Famous Dex New Wave.

Famous Dex Ft. Rich The Kid

Watch the official music video by Famous Dex and Rich the Kid, titled “New Wave.

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Red OTF Shirt.

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Ben Francc Ft. Famous Dex — Scottie Pippen

Ben Francc Feat. Famous Dex – Scottie Pippen

Listen to the new track where Ben Francc teams up with Chicago’s energetic rapper Famous Dex.

Additionally, Ben Francc and Famous Dex are known for high-energy club bangers.

Ben Francc Ft. Famous Dex SoundCloud

Ben Francc Bio

A Minnesota raised musician trying to take his music to the next level. Ben Francc is currently an independent and unsigned talent — Always willing to network with artists and producers.

Ben Francc, A.K.A Rio Pachino, is the face of Minnesota Hip-Hop.

Influenced by: Tory Lanez, Meek Mill, 2PAC Till WE DIE, and Marvin Gaye.

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Lemonade – Famous Dex | Official Music Video

Lemonade by Famous Dex: Watch the official music video on YouTube, and download ‘Lemonade’ on our Chiraq Drill Music Soundcloud

Lemonade by Famous Dex (New Song)

Cole Bennett drops Famous Dexs’ new music video titled “Lemonade.” Famous Dex has exploded into stardom within the last few months, while working with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Famous Dex is signed to Rich The Kid’s record label Rich Forever, earning features from Wiz Khalifa, Migos, and more.

Listen to Lemonade by Famous Dex on Soundcloud

Listen to the new track by Famous Dex on SoundCloud. The music video was shot and edited by Cole Bennett, produced by SciFi.

Listen to our Famous Dex Playlist on SoundCloud

The new song “Lemonade” by Famous Dex was also added to our SoundCloud playlist dedicated to popular songs by Famous Dex.

Our Official Famous Dex Page