New ChicagoWorldNews YouTube

New ChicagoWorldNews YouTube Channel – The Chicago Blogger known as ‘ChicagoWorldNews’ says he wasn’t shot 5 times while responding to Rico Recklezz.

New ChicagoWorldNews YouTube

The Chicago Gang Blogger was rumored to have been shot 5 times earlier this year. During an interview with Rico Recklezz on VladTV, Rico Recklezz says that the gang blogger was shot in Chicago.

Chicago World News Shot
Chicago World News Blogger is shot 5 times.

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The Chicago YouTube blogger known as “ChicagoWorldNews,” has started a new YouTube account titled Raphael Provatakis.

ChicagoWorldNews Has Message For VladTV

Rico Recklezz speaks on ChicagoWorldNews

Rico Recklezz says: “ChicagoWorldNews” got smoked.

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