THIS is Who Shot ZackTV, Everything Else You’ve Heard are Lies

THIS is Who Shot ZackTV – Everything Else You’ve Heard are Lies

Who Shot ZackTV

CWN and Chicago Gang TV

THIS is Who Shot ZackTV

CWN and Chicago Gang TV

Chicago World News First Interview

Chicago World News First Interview with ZackTv!, discusses shooting rumors, and the dangers in Chicago.

Chicago World News First Interview

The Chicago Gang blogger, whom was rumored to be shot earlier this year, finally speaks on camera with ZackTV.

Chicago World News May Sell His Channel

The Chicago Gang Blogger stated that he has over 50,000 subscriptions on his now defunct channel. Last month, CWD deleted his popular YouTube Channel, leading to rumors that he was shot 5 times.

Chicago World News vs. TB

Tyquan TB
Tyquan TB

TB, also known as ‘TB Ina Cut’, or ‘Bico’ was an Outlaw Gangster Disciple and rapper from the set Tyquan World. He was the son of an OG Gangster Disciple from PaxTown

Blogger Chicago World News Speaks:

  • Tyquan TB Death
  • Apologizing for tension that he’s caused in Chicago

Watch the latest interview with Chicago World News

The famous street reporter, ZackTv1 discussed the dangers living in Chicago – especially after exposing or “snitching” on dangerous gang members.

New ChicagoWorldNews YouTube

New ChicagoWorldNews YouTube Channel – The Chicago Blogger known as ‘ChicagoWorldNews’ says he wasn’t shot 5 times while responding to Rico Recklezz.

New ChicagoWorldNews YouTube

The Chicago Gang Blogger was rumored to have been shot 5 times earlier this year. During an interview with Rico Recklezz on VladTV, Rico Recklezz says that the gang blogger was shot in Chicago.

Chicago World News Shot
Chicago World News Blogger is shot 5 times.

Follow The New Chicago World News YouTube Account

The Chicago YouTube blogger known as “ChicagoWorldNews,” has started a new YouTube account titled Raphael Provatakis.

ChicagoWorldNews Has Message For VladTV

Rico Recklezz speaks on ChicagoWorldNews

Rico Recklezz says: “ChicagoWorldNews” got smoked.

Chicago World News Shot 5 Times

Chicago World News Shot? Chicago gang blogger removed his social media accounts, including his YouTube account.

Chicago World News Shot

The controversial YouTube blogger Chicago world News was shot 5 times in South Side, Chicago, IL. The owner of the YouTube account “Chicago World News,” posted many detailed videos discussing gang members and their alleged crimes.

Gang Members Respond to Chicago World News

Gang Member from Young Money 051 says: “White Buddy Need To Get Smoked.”

Chicago World News Shot?
Threats to Chicago World News

Chicago World News – Controversial Videos

Chicago World News responds to La Raza Gang Members on YouTube.

Fbg Cash reacts to Chicago World News getting shot 5 times

Chiraq Drill on Reddit