Vic Mensa vs. DJ Akademiks: Heated Interview over “The War In Chiraq”

Vic Mensa has heated interview with DJ Akademiks

Vic Mensa, born Victor Kwesi Mensah, is a 24 year old grammy-nominated rapper from Chicago, IL. Mensa is signed to Roc NationVic grew up in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Vic Mensa lashes out over "The War In Chiraq"
Vic Mensa lashes out at DJ Akademiks

Vic Mensa vs. DJ Akademiks

Popular Chicago Rapper, Vic Mensa, has choice words for YouTube personality, DJ Akademiks during interview regarding “The War In Chiraq.”

Vic Mensa vs. DJ Akademiks
Vic Mensa Gets Into Heated Interview with DJ Akademiks

Rapper Vic Mensa lashes out at DJ Akademiks, stating:

“People exactly like you, made a following on clowning off of situations that we go through in real life.”

Vic Mensa vs. DJ Akademiks Interview

DJ Akademiks argues that the content in his popular YouTube Channel – The War In Chiraq, wasn’t “only negative”.

Vic Mensa responds: “To tell you the truth, I really think you’re a B*tch.” Once the interview was becoming increasingly heated, DJ Akademiks still wanted to make his point.

DJ Akademiks Responds to Vic Mensa during heated Interview

DJ Akademiks says that he was trying to provide advice during some of his videos, as Vic Mensa had friends that were featured during his videos that were killed.

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