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Young Pappy's Brother

Young Pappy’s Brother on VladTV

Young Pappy’s Brother – Chicago Rapper TaySav speaks on his late brother, Young Pappy. Young Pappy was a famous rapper from the North Side of Chicago, referred to as the “North Pole.” Young Pappy’s Brother TaySav speaks with DJ Vlad During the conversation, TaySav spoke about growing up on the North Side of the Chicago, and…
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Rico Recklezz Interview

Rico Recklezz Interview: Why Drill Music Will Never Die out

Rico Recklezz sits down with DJ Small Eyes and discusses the state of Chicago’s Drill Music scene in the summer of 2017. Rico Recklezz Summer 2017 Interview Rico explains why many record labels are shying away from popular Chicago rappers in 2017. Just a few years ago, Chief Keef exploded into stardom and has had…
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DJ Akademiks vs. Vic Mensa Interview

Vic Mensa vs. DJ Akademiks: Heated Interview over “The War In Chiraq”

Vic Mensa has heated interview with DJ Akademiks Vic Mensa, born Victor Kwesi Mensah, is a 24 year old grammy-nominated rapper from Chicago, IL. Mensa is signed to Roc Nation. Vic grew up in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. Vic Mensa vs. DJ Akademiks Popular Chicago Rapper, Vic Mensa, has choice words for YouTube personality,…
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DJ Vlad Interviews Lil Jay

DJ Vlad Interviews Lil Jay

DJ Vlad Interviews Lil Jay On His Upcoming Murder Trial DJ Vlad Interviews Lil Jay about his upcoming trial and his former friend FBG Butta. The Chicago Rapper has been locked up for over 2 years, and will soon hear the verdict for an attempted murder. King Lil Jay stated that he’s spent nearly $200,000 on…
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Rico Recklezz on Ewol Samo

New Rico Recklezz Interview: Bonding Out His Cousin Ewol Samo

New Interview: Rico Recklezz Explains Why he hasn’t bonded out Ewol Samo New Interview with SayCheeseTV: Rico Recklezz spoke with SayCheeseTV regarding the incarceration of his cousin, Ewol Samo. Ewol was locked up for his 4th gun-related crime, with a $600,000 bond. Samo was attempting to get his life together, and now faces up to…
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Famous Dex on Lil Jay

Famous Dex Speaks on Bonding Out Lil Jay

Famous Dex Speaks: “If I had a million dollars, Lil Jay would be out of Jail.” Famous Dex speaks on Lil Jay: Dexter discusses his friendship with fellow Chicago-based rapper, Lil Jay. Lil Jay is currently locked up – with a bond set at $80,000. Lil Jay’s manager, Rockstar Harry J says: “We need that…
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Famous Dex Interview

Famous Dex Interview – How to become a successful artist

Famous Dex Explains How To Become A Successful Artist During the interview, Famous Dex discusses his life growing up in Chicago, and how he used to pray for a better future. Dex discusses his faith, and how he still honors God’s name. Famous Dex (born Dexter Gore), originally performed under the moniker ‘Black Migo Dex,‘…
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Interview with RondoNumbaNine and Cdai From Jail

The first interview with Chicago Drill Music rappers Cdai and RondaNumbaNine. The interview was from a phone call from Chicago’s #1 Street reporter, ZackTV.

Rico Recklezz Interviews with Say Cheese Tv about Soulja Boy

Rico Recklezz interviews with Say Cheese TV regarding his recent beef with Soulja Boy, and explains why he just wants to “Smack him.”

Soulja Boy Ends Beef With Rico Recklezz

Soulja Boy Says He Would Beat and Shoot Rico Recklezz [Vlad Tv Interview]

DJ Vlad interviews Soulja Boy – Soulja Boy says “He Would Beat and Shoot Rico Recklezz.”