Chicago World News First Interview

Chicago World News First Interview with ZackTv!, discusses shooting rumors, and the dangers in Chicago.

Chicago World News First Interview

The Chicago Gang blogger, whom was rumored to be shot earlier this year, finally speaks on camera with ZackTV.

Chicago World News May Sell His Channel

The Chicago Gang Blogger stated that he has over 50,000 subscriptions on his now defunct channel. Last month, CWD deleted his popular YouTube Channel, leading to rumors that he was shot 5 times.

Chicago World News vs. TB

Tyquan TB
Tyquan TB

TB, also known as ‘TB Ina Cut’, or ‘Bico’ was an Outlaw Gangster Disciple and rapper from the set Tyquan World. He was the son of an OG Gangster Disciple from PaxTown

Blogger Chicago World News Speaks:

  • Tyquan TB Death
  • Apologizing for tension that he’s caused in Chicago

Watch the latest interview with Chicago World News

The famous street reporter, ZackTv1 discussed the dangers living in Chicago – especially after exposing or “snitching” on dangerous gang members.

Rico Recklezz Interview: Why Drill Music Will Never Die out

Rico Recklezz sits down with DJ Small Eyes and discusses the state of Chicago’s Drill Music scene in the summer of 2017.

Rico Recklezz Interview
Rico Recklezz on state of drill music.

Rico Recklezz Summer 2017 Interview

Rico explains why many record labels are shying away from popular Chicago rappers in 2017. Just a few years ago, Chief Keef exploded into stardom and has had many run-ins with the law since.

Rico Recklezz Interview: Rico Responds if Drill Music is Dying Out?

DJ Small Eyes on the state of drill music:

“It seems like Chicago Rap Music was on fire a few years ago, and it seems like it was stronger a couple years ago.”

Rico Recklezz Speaks Live From Cook County Jail

Rico Recklezz Speaks Live From Cook County Jail

Rico Recklezz Live From Jail: Rico is currently locked up in Cook County Jail. Cook County is one of the most violent jails in the America. Saturday, January 07, 2017, 5 inmates were seriously wounded during a jailhouse brawl.

Rico Recklezz Locked Up
Rico Recklezz is currently locked up in Cook County Jail.

Rico Recklezz Live From Jail

Rico’s manager – Chicago King Dave, posted a video on Twitter while conversing with about his artists upcoming mixtape. During the interview, Rico claims that Chicago Rapper Lil Jay is indeed in protective custody.

Rico Calls Out King Yella

Recklezz didn’t hesitate to call out King Yella – Yella and Rico released diss songs against each other, only adding fuel to the fire.

Vic Mensa vs. DJ Akademiks: Heated Interview over “The War In Chiraq”

Vic Mensa has heated interview with DJ Akademiks

Vic Mensa, born Victor Kwesi Mensah, is a 24 year old grammy-nominated rapper from Chicago, IL. Mensa is signed to Roc NationVic grew up in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Vic Mensa lashes out over "The War In Chiraq"
Vic Mensa lashes out at DJ Akademiks

Vic Mensa vs. DJ Akademiks

Popular Chicago Rapper, Vic Mensa, has choice words for YouTube personality, DJ Akademiks during interview regarding “The War In Chiraq.”

Vic Mensa vs. DJ Akademiks
Vic Mensa Gets Into Heated Interview with DJ Akademiks

Rapper Vic Mensa lashes out at DJ Akademiks, stating:

“People exactly like you, made a following on clowning off of situations that we go through in real life.”

Vic Mensa vs. DJ Akademiks Interview

DJ Akademiks argues that the content in his popular YouTube Channel – The War In Chiraq, wasn’t “only negative”.

Vic Mensa responds: “To tell you the truth, I really think you’re a B*tch.” Once the interview was becoming increasingly heated, DJ Akademiks still wanted to make his point.

DJ Akademiks Responds to Vic Mensa during heated Interview

DJ Akademiks says that he was trying to provide advice during some of his videos, as Vic Mensa had friends that were featured during his videos that were killed.

DJ Vlad Interviews Lil Jay

DJ Vlad Interviews Lil Jay On His Upcoming Murder Trial

DJ Vlad Interviews Lil Jay about his upcoming trial and his former friend FBG Butta. The Chicago Rapper has been locked up for over 2 years, and will soon hear the verdict for an attempted murder.

King Lil Jay stated that he’s spent nearly $200,000 on three different lawyers during his stay at Cook County Jail. During the interview, Lil Jay appears somber and apathetic – much different from his usual energetic and cocky persona.

DJ Vlad Interviews Lil Jay
DJ Vlad Interviews Chicago Rapper Lil Jay.

DJ Vlad asks Lil Jay about his relationship with FBG Butta

Lil Jay states that FBG Butta will testify against him during the upcoming trial. Jay states that he has proof that FBG Butta told on him to attain a lighter sentence, and says he’d rather not speak on the issue.

Lil Jay says he’s no longer ‘FBG’

During the interview, Lil Jay said that he’s no longer affiliated with his former rap group FBG (Fly Boy Gang). Jay stated that none of his former friends and associates donated money that he could use in order to afford costly lawyer fees.

New Rico Recklezz Interview: Bonding Out His Cousin Ewol Samo

New Interview: Rico Recklezz Explains Why he hasn’t bonded out Ewol Samo

New Interview with SayCheeseTV: Rico Recklezz spoke with SayCheeseTV regarding the incarceration of his cousin, Ewol Samo. Ewol was locked up for his 4th gun-related crime, with a $600,000 bond. Samo was attempting to get his life together, and now faces up to 20 years in prison.

Rico Recklezz says Ewol Samo is facing 20 years in prison

Fresh off a XXL nomination, the “KushSmokeGunSmoke” rapper is on tour, and even performed at SXSW this year. Rico explains that every time his friends get locked-up, he sends them money and makes sure they’re taken care of.

New Interview from Rico Recklezz
Rico Recklezz and SayCheeseTV.

Famous Dex Speaks on Bonding Out Lil Jay

Famous Dex Speaks: “If I had a million dollars, Lil Jay would be out of Jail.”

Famous Dex speaks on Lil Jay: Dexter discusses his friendship with fellow Chicago-based rapper, Lil Jay. Lil Jay is currently locked up – with a bond set at $80,000.

Famous Dex Speaks on Lil Jay
Famous Dex with Lil Jay in music video.

Lil Jay’s manager, Rockstar Harry J says: “We need that bread, so he can get the f**k out the jam. It’s not going to me. It’s going directly to him. Everybody hitting me up about that Famous Dex s**t. He ain’t doing s**t. He talked to him a couple times over the phone. I think n****s broke. I see n****s flashing money, but didn’t nobody put up money for the bail. Didn’t nobody do s**t.”

Famous Dex Speaks on rapper Lil Jay’s Situation

Dexter says that he reads the comments on social media regarding criticism for not contributing money to bond Lil Jay out of jail.

Dex says that it’s easy to judge when fans are on the outside looking in, but his family is his first priority when it comes to money. The fans don’t know how hard you work for it, and who else you have to take care of first.

Famous Dex says that he loves Lil Jay, but he can’t afford to bail out Lil Jay. Dexter says that he is not yet a millionaire, and he can’t give away his hard-earned money right now.

Lil Jay's Fundraiser
Help bring Lil Jay home

Contribute to Lil Jay’s Fundraiser

Follow this link to donate to Lil Jay’s bond payment.

Famous Dex Interview – How to become a successful artist

Famous Dex Explains How To Become A Successful Artist

During the interview, Famous Dex discusses his life growing up in Chicago, and how he used to pray for a better future. Dex discusses his faith, and how he still honors God’s name.

Famous Dex (born Dexter Gore), originally performed under the moniker ‘Black Migo Dex,‘ remixing Dej Loaf’s hit song “Try Me.

Famous Dex Before The Fame
Here is a picture of Famous Dex in South Side, Chicago, IL.

Famous Dex Interview

While counting hundred dollar bills, Dexter says:

One thing about me is that I used God’s name when I didn’t have it, and now that I have it – I still use God’s name.

Famous Dex – “How To Be a Successful Artist”

Chicago-based Director Laka Films speaks to Famous Dex about hard work and dedication to his craft. Dex explains that he was not an overnight sensation, and always remained positive about his future career as an entertainer.

Famous Dex Interview – How to become a successful artist from hiphopheads

Interview with RondoNumbaNine and Cdai From Jail

ZackTV Interviews Incarcerated Drill Rappers RondoNumbaNine and Cdai

Chicago’s #1 Street Reporter interviewed with the two incarcerated drill rappers RondaNumbaNine and Cdai. The two drill rappers interviewed by ZackTV during the first interview from Jail, as they were incarcerated for 1st Degree murder in 2014, for the shooting death of a cab driver named Javan Boyd.

Interview with ZackTV


Popular Drill Songs by Cdai and RondoNumbaNine

Cdai’s Official SoundCloud Page

RondoNumbeNine Official SoundCloud Page

Cdai and RondoNumbaNine Mugshot


Rondo and Cdai Mugshot

Clint Massey (RondoNumbaNine)

First interview: famous rappers from 600. During the interview, both of the rappers remained optimistic about their upcoming appeals. Cdai and Rondo declined to comment regarding the ‘Snitching’ rumors from Tay600.

Soulja Boy Says He Would Beat and Shoot Rico Recklezz [Vlad Tv Interview]

Soulja Boy on Vlad TV – Listen to Soulja Boy regarding Rico Recklezz.

Soulja Boy interviews with Vlad TV on Rico Recklezz

Soulja Boy says he would “Beat and Shoot Rico Recklezz.”

Read The Interview Transcript Below

Soulja Boy on DJ VLAD Interview

[DJ Vlad:] So, you and Rico Recklezz? He jumped into this whole situation, he said what he said, and you kinda blacked out on Twitter. Where is that at right now?

[Soulja Boy:] “Boy Shorty ass [Rico Recklezz] ain’t on a crumb. Shorty ass ain’t on shit. He just dissed the whole Chicago, and called apologizing that he dissed the shit. C’mon boy, he’s look for clout, and this is the only reason we’re talking about him right now.”

“He can’t wait to watch this interview and watch me say his name, and I don’t even know him. He’s dissing me because I dissed Lil Yachty [Lil Boat]. He’s dissing me about a bitch, and dissing me over another man that he ain’t never met. It ain’t about no money, it ain’t about no bricks, I don’t know you in real life. This is fake beef, and he’s trying to get famous off of me, making a diss song off of my own beat. I have a hundred thousand in cash on me right now, what are we talking about? C’mon bro, you diss me and he ain’t ever seen a million dollars in his whole life. I made a million when I was 17, Rico what?”

“The beef over with you feel me, but whatever man, if a n*gga got a problem with me, n*gga’s cant beat me bro, I will beat the shit out of that n*gga boy, we shoot the sh*t out of n*ggas boy, all of that, you feel me? But I don’t want to talk about all that and I just want this shit to be gone, because I’m about to sign this million dollar deal with my record label, and I ain’t trying to have the Feds knock at my door if something happen to this man you feel me? You already just dissed the whole Chicago, so nobody fuck with you and everybody talks shit about you. You’re not doing anything but digging your grave deeper bro, by f*cking with a legend bro, a vet. I’ve been having millions, you tweaking, and boy I’ll have your ass gone boy, you’re a fly.”

[DJ Vlad:] You’ve been in this game for over 10 years, you know real beef versus people trying to get on, so why even respond?

“Because I’m not for that man, nobody’s going to be dissing me publicly, I don’t give a f*ck who you are. I’m responding to everybody what’s happening. Fuck you, and fuck him, and fuck whoever. I gave y’all [Rico Recklezz], your 5 minutes of fame, I’ll slap the shit out of y’all n*ggas, beat the f*ck out of y’all niggas, and put it on WorldStar. You got me fucked up n*igga, I don’t give a fuck who’s name one of y’all n*ggas is, you dissing me publicly, we’re going to see about you.

[DJ Vlad:] But you don’t think that’s just playing into what they want?

[Soulja Boy:] “I don’t give a fuck what he’s doing, don’t talk about me period, on nothing and disrespecting my name n*gga. You don’t know me, what the f*ck are you talking about.”

Watch videos about Soulja Boy vs. Rico Recklezz