New Rico Recklezz Interview: Bonding Out His Cousin Ewol Samo

New Interview: Rico Recklezz Explains Why he hasn’t bonded out Ewol Samo

New Interview with SayCheeseTV: Rico Recklezz spoke with SayCheeseTV regarding the incarceration of his cousin, Ewol Samo. Ewol was locked up for his 4th gun-related crime, with a $600,000 bond. Samo was attempting to get his life together, and now faces up to 20 years in prison.

Rico Recklezz says Ewol Samo is facing 20 years in prison

Fresh off a XXL nomination, the “KushSmokeGunSmoke” rapper is on tour, and even performed at SXSW this year. Rico explains that every time his friends get locked-up, he sends them money and makes sure they’re taken care of.

New Interview from Rico Recklezz
Rico Recklezz and SayCheeseTV.

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