FYB Montae – Rap Niggas | Rico Recklezz Diss

Rico Recklezz Diss | FYB MontaeRap Nig*as | 02:34:38

FYB Montae – Rap Niggas (Rico Recklezz Diss)

Rico Recklezz Diss
FYB Montae – Rico Recklezz Diss “Rap Niggas.”

FYB Montae – (Diss) Rap Niggas

Rico Recklezz has earned a bad reputation lately, especially when CCTV video captured him fighting with Lil Mister (also known as Montana), a fellow rapper from Chicago. Although in rival gangs, Lil Durk and Lil Mister are actually cousins.

Rico Recklezz Fights Lil Mister


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600Breezy Gets Confronted By Billionaire Black and King Yella at the mall

600Breezy gets confronted

Following a feud with Chicago rapper Rico Recklezz, 600Breezy gets confronted at a mall by King Yella and Billionaire black.

600 Breezy confronted by Billionaire Black at the mall.

Additionally, Billionaire Black confronts 600Breezy for taking recent shots at his rival gang.

600Breezy gets confronted at a mall
600breezy is confronted by Billionaire Black.

600 Breezy apologizes to Billionaire Black and King Yella

After giving off such a tough persona in a recent interview, 600Breezy didn’t appear to act like his tough persona in person. In the video, 600Breezy issues an apology to Billionaire Black and didn’t fight or swing on the rival rappers in person.

King Yella Tweets: “600Breezy is lucky we were in the mall”

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Soulja Boy gets checked by Chiraq OG | Rico Recklezz flies to L.A.

Chiraq OG calls Soulja Boy

A Chiraq OG calls Soulja Boy and makes him apologize for putting a $100,000 bounty on Rico Recklezz.

During the phone call, the Chicago OG says:

“Don’t ever put money on a n*gga’s head from Chicago, because it ain’t about money down here. Now that a m*therfucka got a direct on you right, we in Cali right now.” Soulja Boy can be heard saying “That was some stuff on the internet, all that is dead.”

Soulja Boy gets checked by Chicago OG

Rico Recklezz and Ewol Samo fly to L.A.

Soulja Boy admits over the phone he doesn’t  want anymore beef with Rico Recklezz.

Rico in L.A. with Grape Street Crips

Rico Recklezz and his right hand man, Ewol Samo, fly to L.A. to confront Soulja Boy.

Soulja Boy checks into a hotel to hide from Rico Recklezz’ goons

Rico Recklezz with Ewol Samo Link Up with Grape Street Crips In Los Angeles.