600Breezy Gets Confronted By Billionaire Black and King Yella at the mall

600Breezy gets confronted

Following a feud with Chicago rapper Rico Recklezz, 600Breezy gets confronted at a mall by King Yella and Billionaire black.

600 Breezy confronted by Billionaire Black at the mall.

Additionally, Billionaire Black confronts 600Breezy for taking recent shots at his rival gang.

600Breezy gets confronted at a mall
600breezy is confronted by Billionaire Black.

600 Breezy apologizes to Billionaire Black and King Yella

After giving off such a tough persona in a recent interview, 600Breezy didn’t appear to act like his tough persona in person. In the video, 600Breezy issues an apology to Billionaire Black and didn’t fight or swing on the rival rappers in person.

King Yella Tweets: “600Breezy is lucky we were in the mall”

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Rapper Points Gun at Clown

Clown Sighting – They’ve been on the rise since 2016.

Chicago Drill Rapper Scares Clown

Chicago Rapper Billionaire Black posts a video of himself pulling a gun on a clown on, laughing “Look at this clown, get your ass out of here Mother*ucka, what the *uck is wrong with you.” Chicago Rapper King Yella posted the video on his YouTube account, with the caption “Billionaire black & Fbg Duck catch a clown raper man tryin to rape kids and up and gun on him.”

Clown runs from Rapper Billionaire Black

The clown can be seen hesitating and possibly thinking it was a prank, until he realizes that the rapper is pointing a real gun.

Clown Siting Craze in 2016

Since late August, the United States has seen a huge jump in clown sightings, mostly near schools and Universities. The media has also jumped head-first into the clown hysteria, prompting law enforcement officials to instruct vigilantes to not take matters into their own hands.

King Yella Tweets Video

Billionaire Black Points Gun

Clown Sightings Around The Globe

Police in Durham in the northeast of England are investigating after a man dressed as a clown and wielding a knife is alleged to have followed four children to school on Friday morning.

Clown Sightings in the United States

“The children arrived at school understandably upset and distressed by this incident and we are currently trying to locate this man,” neighborhood Sergeant Mel Sutherland said in a statement.

“We believe this to be part of a much larger prank which is currently sweeping across the USA and parts of the UK. It is very alarming he was carrying a knife, however we do not think he intended to harm the children and as far as we are aware, this is part of the prank.”

King Yella Sends Us An Exclusive Video Showing He’s Fine After Being Shot 2 Days Ago at Anti-Violence Protest

Ben Frannc, King Yella, and Billionaire Black Tweet Video to @ChiraqRapSource

Just 2 Days ago, popular Chicago Rapper King Yella was shot during a BLM Anti-Violence Protest. The drive-by-shooting was caught on camera showing a vehicle shoot several times. After, King Yella explained on his Instagram account saying “Video shoot gone wrong me gettin shot caught on camera while shootin my stop the violence blacklivesmatter video.”

As ChiraqDrill.com is gaining momentum, famous Chicago Artists are taking notice. We aim to promote the most talented Chicago Rappers, and encourage Chicago Artists to work together to make great music.

King Yella’s No More Movement Campaign

King Yella reaches out to O.T.F. own Chief Wuk and Edai in hopes to resolve the issues that are plauging the Chicago streets, and hoping to end the “War in Chiraq.”

King Yella Sends us a Video on Twitter