Interview with RondoNumbaNine and Cdai From Jail

ZackTV Interviews Incarcerated Drill Rappers RondoNumbaNine and Cdai

Chicago’s #1 Street Reporter interviewed with the two incarcerated drill rappers RondaNumbaNine and Cdai. The two drill rappers interviewed by ZackTV during the first interview from Jail, as they were incarcerated for 1st Degree murder in 2014, for the shooting death of a cab driver named Javan Boyd.

Interview with ZackTV


Popular Drill Songs by Cdai and RondoNumbaNine

Cdai’s Official SoundCloud Page

RondoNumbeNine Official SoundCloud Page

Cdai and RondoNumbaNine Mugshot


Rondo and Cdai Mugshot

Clint Massey (RondoNumbaNine)

First interview: famous rappers from 600. During the interview, both of the rappers remained optimistic about their upcoming appeals. Cdai and Rondo declined to comment regarding the ‘Snitching’ rumors from Tay600.