Chiraq Slang | Chicago Street Gangs

Chiraq Slang – a guide to Chicago Street Gangs and nicknames of neighborhoods with some of the highest murder rates in the United States.

Chicago Street Gangs.

Chiraq Slang – Chicago Street Gangs

Furthermore, Here’s a gigantic list of names that certain blocks are referred to in South Side, Chicago, IL.

Interestingly, in Chicago gang culture, it’s a common practice to honor highly respected members (usually deceased), by adopting a set or block after their names.

Chicago Gang Slang Words

Additionally, here’s a list of common slang words and gang terminology specifically used in Chicago.

  • Drill – A drill is commonly referred to as killing another gang member, taken from former Chicago gangster Al Capone’s vocabulary.
  • Stain – A stain is an easy target or victim, usually referring to a robbery or some form of petty theft.
  • Shorty  A shorty is younger gang member, usually under the age of 18. Shorties are used to commit crimes, and do dirty work. Younger gang members are able to avoid adult sentencing, and usually brought to Juvenile court.
  • Shooter Shooters are typically younger gang members, under the age of 18 years old. Typically, shooters have the most violent lyrics and are glorified in songs for their sheer violence and allegiance to their gangs.
  • On Foenem – Slang for friends, gang members, brothers, and only trusted friends.
  • Lick Squad – Just like our special forces have units designed for certain missions, gangs have members that specialize in armed robberies and home invasions.
  • Hit Squad – This usually consists of a group of experience shooters and hitmen who specialize in targeted killings to further criminal gang operations. This usually consists of 1 or more respected shooters who may have already committed a previous murder for their gang.
  • OG – Sometimes referred to as an “Original Gangster” or an experience older gang member who may act as a mentor, in Chicago, a mother or grandmother may be referred to as an OG. When young men grow up in households without father figures, but have a strong mother, women are more respected than older men.
  • XD – When L’A Capone rapped: “Big XD hanging out of my pocket,” he was referring to a Springfield Armory XD series handgun.
  • With the Shit – In Chicago gang culture, the saying “with the shit” is a statement to claim that you’re an active gang member and putting in work for the gang.
  • Thot – A thot is the term used for a promiscuous young woman. Chief Keef even named an album Thot Breaker in 2017.

S Normal Ave, Chicago, IL.
S Normal Ave, Chicago, IL.

Most Common Slang In Chicago


Coincidentally, Lamron is Normal spelled backwards, and is a block in Englewood, with the street address of S Normal Ave, Chicago, IL.

This area is controlled by the Black Disciples street gang, and can be heard in many songs by popular rappers like Chief Keef, Lil Durk, and Lil Reese.


Additionally, known as Fazoland, or sometimes referred to as Roc Block and Pistol Gang — was made famous by popular drill artists G Herbo and Lil Bibby.

64th & King Dr.

G Herbo (formerly Lil Herb), titled his breakout mixtape ‘Welcome To Fazoland,’ to honor where he used to reside on S King Drive.


STL/EBT is a name for St. Lawrence Ave, where rappers Lil Jay, FBG Duck, FBG Cashout, Wooski, and the rest of the notorious Fly Boy Gang rap group hail from.

Jaro City

Chicago Gang Jaro City Members
FBG Duck posts the caption – “JaroCity STL Since Dem Old Dayz.”

Furthermore, Jaro City is also known as Tyquan World, consists of members of the Darkside Black Disciples and the Outlaw Gangster Disciples.

Chicago Gang Neighborhoods

View the Chicago Street gang map.

  • Black gate city 054 (Tizzle Stain gang).
  • Wudae world 059.
  • 600/Brick city (Steve Drive, D- block, Baldy World, SHAQ CITY, LA gang, lil boo gang, Stelloland).
  • Front$treet 061 – (Mike world, Blood money gang, Capo town).
  • Lamron (Lil moe land, Dart gang, Taytown, Beto gang).
  • Wic city 064 (Keta world, O-block, Reezyville, Toon town, Sheroid Squad, Whitey gang, Munna gang).
  • Lowe (Etho world, MMG).
  • Doggpound 072 (Johnny squad, Weebo city, Polo world).
  • MTV 079 (B-block, Harolds Gang).
  • Foxxville.
  • Drama world.
  • Ada park.
  • Whiz city BD 082 (Rico gang, TJ grove,Tysean world).
  • TYMB065 (Obama world, Kecey gang, Little town).
  • Chris World 066.
  • 1017 Faceworld (Marty world).
  • WWDC (Rell gang).
  • OBN 039 (Booda squad, Scoota gang).
  • 44 THF 46 (Karl town, Black world, Gudda gang, Quint city, Faheem block, Raheemland).
  • NLMB 150 (Fazoland, Vito city, Pistol Gang, Roc Block, C-moeville, Kobe squad).
  • ABK (Fame world).
  • Black Mobb (Scoob World, T-bone city).
  • No Limit No essex 083 (Tony world, Sosa block).
  • GME (Roe block, Scotty gang).
  • Folly boyz (Molly world, Scrapp gang).
  • Cblock (JustoWorld).
  • TTD 075 (Guwop Gang).
  • BBG.
  • Hoola gang (Hi city Dirt gang, Splash world).
  • MixxMobb (Mexico city, D-town).
  • Jigdogs 043.
  • TouchMoñey 045.
  • SuWuTTB 039 (STUNNA gang, Jamonieworld, Meroland, Gooncity, Dejuan town).
  • Young Money 051 (Zeko world, Los City, Lance Land, Streetzville, Fatzgang, Marcblock, Big A squad, Polo gang, Frump street, Wank town).
  • 800DMG 061 (Diddy grove).
  • ABM/Jaro city 062 (Hottie World, Dalvin squad, Crack block, OJ world, Archie gang, Boobie town).
  • Geo Drive 053.
  • 757 (Sonnoside, Snoop gang, Jamar world, Cess block, Neef city, Boonie byrd gang).
  • 50 STRONG (Dell world, Dougo gang).
  • MOB 059 (Junebug gang, Scrapp town, Baybay world).
  • TW 061.
  • STL/EBT 063 (Tookaville, Tutu gang, Ja ja gang, Boss City, Dalemob, Doc bloc, Modell world, Lil B land, K.I. World).
  • Josh block 068.
  • Bricksquad 069 (Aikiville, Jo Jo world).
  • CVG 069 (Jayloud city).
  • CMB 070 (Joc block).
  • Wuga world 075.
  • 8treyMOB (Cliff gang, Manny World, Don D world).
  • Low End.
  • Pax town (Yatta world).
  • No Luv City.
  • Mac creek 062 (Vic world).
  • CTG 079 (Dello world, G-ville, Bari block).
  • MTG 079.
  • K-ward 078 (Freako world, LY city, BK gang).
  • Lakeside (LoLo world, Budland, Posto gang).
  • KTS (Moe block, Von world).
  • Pockettown (Corey town).
  • LPC 071 (Moose block, Ghetto world).
  • Sirconn City 1400 E (Johno world, Fearro gang, RA block).
  • Insane Cutthroat Gangstas (PBG, 2cupz gang, Heno gang, Keyo world, Freakyville, Pepland, Pappy town, Mosey squad).
  • LOC city (Blake block, Rockett town, Keno world, Munchie gang).
  • Guttaville GVG (Day day world, lil 4mobb, EJ gang).
  • Deathrow 085.
  • 4CH’s (The Four Corner Hustlers).

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