Exposing Me Remix

Exposing Me Remix

Listen to FBG Duck featuring Rooga, in the latest track out of Chicago.

Exposing Me Remix - FBG DUCK

Listen to the latest track from FBG Duck.

Exposing Me Remix

Fbg Duck x Rooga Exposing Me Remix (Official Music Video) Shot By BillyKauck

Listen to FBG Duck featuring Rooga.

FBG Duck Releases Bad Vibes Featuring: Lil Chris, FBG Duck, Bone D

Bad Vibes – FBG Duck releases the new music video, titled “Bad Vibes.”

Bad Vibes – FBG Duck Releases Bad Vibes Featuring: Lil Chris, FBG Duck, Bone D

Lil Chris x FBG Duck x Bone D – “Bad Vibes” (Official Video)


“Bad Vibes” (Official Video)

Bad Vibes - FBG Duck
Bad Vibes – Official Video

FBG Duck – Look What Happened

Look What Happened FBG Duck – FBG Duck continues to build upon his newfound success through touring and his EP due out later this year.

Look What Happened by FBG Duck

FBG Duck has released the visual for his second official single Look What Happened – the follow up to his viral hit “Slide” feat 21 Savage, which Fader calls

a local hit in his hometown of Chicago.

Additionally, The original video for “Slide” has almost 30 million views with no signs of slowing down.

FBG Duck – Slide (Official Video)

  • Song: Slide
  • Artist: FBG Duck
  • Album: This How I’m Coming 2
  • Licensed By: TuneCore, SME (on behalf of Clout Boys ENT); CMRRA, TuneCore Publishing, and 6 Music Rights Societies

Watch “Look What Happened” – FBG Duck

He’s dropped several mixtapes, from 2013s “Look At Me,” to the “How I’m Coming” series in 2016 and 2017, to his most recent “Look at Me 2.

FBG Duck has since earned support from Complex, Billboard, XXL, and more.


Its Ready But Is Yall ?????? pic.twitter.com/2XF3Xf4aVl

— #⃣BIGCLOUT (@FBG_DUCK) June 22, 2018


Booking Info: [email protected]

Contact: (312) 538-4449

Listen to “Look What Happened” Here:

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Look What Happened FBG Duck
FBG Duck – Kevin Gates


Choppa Party | FLY BOY GANG | FBG Duck, YOUNG, CASH

Choppa Party – FBG Duck, Young, Dutchie, and Cash. Listen to the new song from FBG Duck and Fly Boy Gang, new song from CLOUT BOYS INC.

Choppa Party - Fly Boy Gang

Choppa Party – Fly Boy Gang

For booking and features call, (312) 538-4449.

Listen to the new track from Fly Boy Gang rappers:

  • FBG Duck
  • Young
  • Dutchie
  • Cash

FBG Duck – Look What Happened

Look What Happened – FBG Duck

Look What Happened – FBG Duck

FBG Duck | 21 Savage – Slide

FBG Duck 21 SavageFBG Duck and 21 Savage team up on ‘Slide’ Remix. Duck, a reputable gang member who’s been making hit songs since 2012, hails 63rd & St. Lawrence in Southside, Chicago. 21 Savage hails from the dangerous streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, with popular hits like No Heart, X, and Bank Account.

FBG Duck 21 Savage – Slide Remix

After a breakout year in 2018, FBG Duck has finally earned the recognition that he deserves. It is rumored that Duck earned a recording contract with Sony worth 1.7 million dollars for 1 album.

After losing his brother FBG Brick, along with his cousin Coby on the same day, Duck seemed to focus on his craft to make a better life for his friends and family.

FBG Duck Teams Up with 21 Savage on ‘Slide’ Remix

FBG Duck’s ‘Slide’ has earned over 18 million hits on YouTube, earning mainstream Industry recognition, and fellow rapper 21 Savage. When 21 Savage and FBG Duck make a track together, you know it will be authentic.

21 Savage

21 savage | FBG Duck
21 savage Teams Up With FBG Duck.

FBG Duck in 2018

21 savage | FBG Duck
FBG Duck 21 Savage ‘Slide’ Remix

Popular songs by FBG Duck

Some of Duck’s best songs include:

FBG Duck – Slide

FBG Duck – Slide | Chicago rapper FBG Duck sends a warning to Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley. Since dissing FBG Brick on instagram live, Duck’s Brother, Tee Grizzley has apologized for his actions.

FBG Duck’s new song Slide is a warning to Tee Grizzley


Tee Grizzley Apologies to FBG Duck

Tee Grizzley seems to realized that disrespecting the brother of one of the most well-respected gang members in Chicago could bring severe consequences.

FBG Duck – Slide is a message to Tee Grizzley

Surrounded by guns only the military would carry, FBG Duck displays a Heckler & Koch with an extended magazine drum.

FBG - Slide
FBG – Slide | Warning to Tee Grizzley.

DOA in Due Time (Tee Grizzley Diss)

DOA in Due Time (TEE Grizzley DISS) – FBG Young and FBG Duck send shots to Detroit Rapper Tee Grizzley for disrespecting FBG Duck’s brother, FBG Brick, on Instagram live.


FBG Young and FBG Duck respond to Tee Grizzley for disrespecting FBG Brick, the older brother of FBG Duck.

DOA in Due Time (TEE Grizzley DISS)

Tee Grizzley posted a video on Instagram live, dissing the slain Chicago rapper, FBG Brick. Tee Grizzley is an up-and-coming rapper from Detroit. Tee Grizzley recently teamed up on a song with Lil Durk, titled “Flyers Up.

Fly Boy Gang Rappers

FBG - Fly Boy Gang Clout Boyz
Fly Boy Gang – Clout Boyz Entertainment

FBG Duck – Afraid

FBG Duck – Afraid | View updates on Twitter.

FBG Duck – Afraid (New Music)

For the first time, FBG Duck gets extremely personal on a track. The death of his older brother, FBG Brick, and his cousin Kobe in the same day.

FGB Duck Afraid – FBG Duck gets personal

Duck solemnly mentions the death of his younger sister, LeAndrea White. LeAndrea passed during an apartment fire. Out of respect for the family, I don’t want to elaborate on sensitive information while losing a child.

FBG Duck - Chiraq
FBG Fuck – Fly Boy Gang

FBG Brick, The brother of FBG Duck is murdered

FBG Duck - Afraid
FBG Duck and FBG Brick

FBG Duck Reveals his past Trauma

FBG Ducks extremely traumatic and negative experiences at a young age usually cause lasting psychologic effects. Even Ducks’ enemies understand he’s usually not someone to mess with.

Rapper Points Gun at Clown

Clown Sighting – They’ve been on the rise since 2016.

Chicago Drill Rapper Scares Clown

Chicago Rapper Billionaire Black posts a video of himself pulling a gun on a clown on, laughing “Look at this clown, get your ass out of here Mother*ucka, what the *uck is wrong with you.” Chicago Rapper King Yella posted the video on his YouTube account, with the caption “Billionaire black & Fbg Duck catch a clown raper man tryin to rape kids and up and gun on him.”

Clown runs from Rapper Billionaire Black

The clown can be seen hesitating and possibly thinking it was a prank, until he realizes that the rapper is pointing a real gun.

Clown Siting Craze in 2016

Since late August, the United States has seen a huge jump in clown sightings, mostly near schools and Universities. The media has also jumped head-first into the clown hysteria, prompting law enforcement officials to instruct vigilantes to not take matters into their own hands.

King Yella Tweets Video

Billionaire Black Points Gun

Clown Sightings Around The Globe

Police in Durham in the northeast of England are investigating after a man dressed as a clown and wielding a knife is alleged to have followed four children to school on Friday morning.

Clown Sightings in the United States

“The children arrived at school understandably upset and distressed by this incident and we are currently trying to locate this man,” neighborhood Sergeant Mel Sutherland said in a statement.

“We believe this to be part of a much larger prank which is currently sweeping across the USA and parts of the UK. It is very alarming he was carrying a knife, however we do not think he intended to harm the children and as far as we are aware, this is part of the prank.”