Juiliani Kennedy — Wishin

Juiliani Kennedy – “Wishin”

Juiliani spits “I’m Chi-Town till they kill Me, Hate it or Love it, just as long as you feel me.”

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Wishin by Juiliani Kennedy

Juiliani Kenny is a rapper from Chicago, with dreams of being a star for his son and daughter.

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Juiliani Kennedy - Wishin

Juiliani Kenny


Lil Durk Bond Money

Lil Durk – Bond Money

The song also features Chief Wuk, a prominent gang member in the Black Disciples. He also has a great delivery and seems to be perfect for a feature with Lil Durk.

Who’s Chief Wuk?

Chief Wuk is a also the co-founder of the music label OTF – (which stands for Only the Family). Chief Wuk has stayed behind the scenes, but just dropped “Millionaire Dollar Dreams Federal Nightmares.”

Lil Durk Chief Wuk
Lil Durk Featuring Chief Wuk

Millionaire Dollar Dreams Federal Nightmares

Listen and download to the latest mixtape from Chief Wuk.

Shop OTF Clothing

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Killa Kellz – If I Die Young Lyrics

Killa Kellz If I die young lyrics.

Killa Kellz – If I Die Young Lyrics

Discover and write the lyrics to ‘ If I Die Young ‘ on rap.genius.com, added by us at chiraqdrill.com. The song is the latest Chicago drill rapper ‘ Killa Kellz. ‘ The song is produced by the late Smylez. Killa Kellz and Smylez had just finished their joint album, ‘ Jojo’s Revenge. ‘ Our hearts go out to Smylez’s friends and family.

Killa Kellz – If I Die Young Lyrics

Killa Kellz If I Die Young Lyrics

[The Band Perry]
If I die young bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song

[Killa Kellz]
Shit crazy, losing all the good ones man, R.I.P. to Smylez man, gone but never forgotten man, this one fuckin’ me up man

[lil JojoSmylez on the beat man, tell that fuckboy catch up

[Verse 1] (Killa Kellz)
I’m from the city where the good die young, seen the struggle, I was raised in the slums
Momma never let me walk out alone, till this day I still walk with a gun
She say you can go to jail playing with a gun, I told her I can do the time, you can’t get a son
She say she understand where I came from, So imma bust this bitch like I’m finna cum
Niggas fu so I can’t trust none
Niggas tell I’ll mail you his tongue
Free smoke like a ain’t got lungs
Trying to take me from my daughter and my son
You take shots no coke and rum
Nigga I’ve lost a couple day ones, and they wonder why my heart so numb
Nigga look me in my eyes, you can see the pain, look in my soul you can see the same, even when the sun out, all I see is rain
It feel like fire runnin’ through my veins, I don’t think nigga’s understand what I’m sayin’
I can make the song cry, I ain’t even singing, how the fuck you get the picture I ain’t finished painting, If a nigga try me boy, we at your anus
Stay on point like a unicorn, I’ll fold a nigga up like a futon, If a nigga run up then them bullets gon’ fly, then them bullets gon’ fly nigga, airborne
Leave a nigga in half, coupons, banana clip turn his ass to fruit punch
Fuck fame nigga, I don’t give two fucks
Killa Kellz with a “K”, that’s Klu Klux
Everyday I get drunk and fuck two sluts
Cause I never know when my time up
Live everyday nigga like the last one
Say live by a gun, die by one, and I stay with a gun, so if I should die young
I want you to deliver this message
I want you to tell my mom

[Hook] (The Band Perry)
If I die young bury me in satin / Lay me down on a bed of roses / Sink me in the river at dawn / Send me away with the words of a love song

[Verse 2] (Killa Kellz)
I was told never shit where I lay my head, then I started seeing turds when I’m in the bed
I was in the joint gettin’ visits by the feds, I don’t wanna talk, send me back to the cell
I ain’t got shit to say nigga, Fuck keepin’ it 1,000, I’m 10k nigga
Y’all beat my ass, Kunte Kente nigga
I chop it up that’s sensei nigga, woo!
Say the good die young, guess imma die old, when i lost Aiki, my heart turned cold
Heart turned colder than a freezer, keep the heat on my hip like a beeper, this ain’t just rap, this shit way deeper, I lost time to the system and I lost close people
What’s fucked up I can’t get back neither, all the shit i’ve been through i might blow like ether, and they wonder why I’m a hothead and I ain’t got a fever
Everyday I ride around grippin’ that heater
I’m in the hood where you see murder, never rest in peace, brother
And If I was to get murdered / I hope all my brothers

[Outro] (The Band Perry)
If I die young bury me in satin / Lay me down on a bed of roses / Sink me in the river at dawn / Send me away with the words of a love song

Killa Kellz with firearms

Killa Kellz with Pistols.

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Fairplay x SoSavageTWo3 – All The Way Up (Freestyle)

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