FBG Duck – Look What Happened

Look What Happened – FBG Duck

Look What Happened – FBG Duck

Granny Crib – Lil Durk

Granny Crib – Lil Durk

Listen to the official audio by Lil Durk.

Additionally, Lil Durk expands on his love for taking pain pills to ease the trauma and grief while growing up in gang-infested Englewood, South Side, Chicago.

Granny Crib - Lil Durk.

Granny Crib – Lil Durk | New Music

The new song Granny Crib is from Durk’s 2018 album.

Furthermore, Lil Durk is a drill rapper from Englewood, Chicago, who is most known for his involvement in the Chicago drill explosion that took the music world by storm in 2010.

Lil Durk - Granny Crib
Lil Durk – Granny Crib.


“Just Cause Y’all Waited” – Track List

Listen to the new song from the “Just Cause Y’all Waited mixtape.

Additionally, Durk reminisces his time growing up int the violent streets of South Side, Chicago.

  1. Public Housing
  2. Just Flow
  3. When I Was Little
  4. How I Know (Ft. Lil Baby)
  5. Granny Crib
  6. 1 (773) Vulture Lyrics
  7. Breather (Ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR & Ty Dolla $ign)
  8. Home Body (Ft. Gunna & TK Kravitz)
  9. Durkio Krazy
  10. Instigator
  11. Cross Roads
  12. My Bruddas

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Lil Durk – A Body

Lil Durk – A Body – This latest joint by Lil Durk was released right after his hit song “Crossroads.” Durk’s song “A Body” illustrates his street roots.

Lil Durk – A Body | 2018 Drill Music

Lil Durk has seen it all in Chicago

Growing up in the rough streets of Englewood, Durk’s father was a big-time drug dealer and gang member. Lil Durk was raised by his mother, and friends that would become his family.

Listen to More of Lil Durk

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Lil Durk – Crossroads

Lil Durk – Crossroads | Crossroads is an homage to the original Bone Thugz-N-Harmony song, also called “Crossroads.”

Crossroads – Lil Durk

Lil Durk speaks about friends he’s lost throughout his time growing up in South Side, Chicago, IL. Durk recently lost his close friend, Fredo Santana.

Lil Durk’s friends who’ve passed away

Durk has lost Fredo Santana, his cousin Nuski, and another close friend named Pluto – also known as Lil Pat.

  • Fredo Santana
  • Pluto
  • Nuski
OTF Nuski
OTF Nuski

Crossroads pays homage to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Lil Durk’s new track, Crossroads, pays homage to the famous track from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Lil Durk Mourns the loss of Fredo Santana

Fredo Santana, fellow Black Disciple and friend, died from a codeine-induced overdose earlier this year. The Savage Squad Records CEO was hospitalized for kidney and liver failure.

Lil Durk mourns loss of Fredo Santana
Lil Durk mourns loss of Fredo Santana

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Lil Durk “1-773 Vulture”

Lil Durk “1-773 Vulture” | The latest song from Lil Durk paints a picture of the harsh realities and trauma he experience growing up in South Side, Chicago, IL.

Lil Durk “1-773 Vulture” | Official Music Video

Watch the new music video titled, “1-773 Vulture” by Lil Durk. The new video is a World Star Exclusive Video, earning over a million views to date.

Watch the official music video for “1-773 Vulture” by Lil Durk

Lil Durk continues to gain fame, entering into stardum as a drill rapper from Chicago, and CEO of his own recording label OTF.

New Video 1-773 Vulture by Lil Durk
New Video 1-773 Vulture by Lil_Durk.

FBG Cash ft. Wooski – Memo

FBG Cash ft. Wooski – MemoFbg Rappers FBG Cash and Wooski team up on a diss song towards Memo 600.

FBG Cash ft. Wooski

Chicago Drill rappers FBG Cash and Wooski link up on the latest diss track in 2018. Memo 600 is a known rival of Fly Boy Gang Members Cash and Wooski.

Wooski of FBG

Wooski is a known enforcer and dangerous gang member, who recently beat a murder charge in 2017.-

Memo 600

Memo 600
Memo 600 vs. FBG

Memo 600 is a black disciples, rivals of the gangster disciples.

Cdot Honcho Feat. Lil Durk “OTW”

Cdot Honcho Feat. Lil Durk “OTW”

Cdot Honcho Feat. Lil Durk “OTW” (Official Audio)

Cdot Honcho Feat. Lil Durk “OTW” Listen to the new track from Lil Durk and Cdot Honcho. Both Chicago Rappers are on the rise in 2018.

New Music from Lil Durk in 2018

Cdot Honcho Feat. Lil Durk “OTW” Listen to the new track from Lil Durk and Cdot Honcho.

Lil Durk OTW

Lil Jay – Return of Carlito

Lil Jay – Return of Carlito – Listen the the new mixtape “Return of Carlito.”

Lil Jay – Return of Carlito

King Lil Jay, known as the “Chiraq Wolverine” by DJ Akademiks, drops “Return of Carlito.”

Lil Jay Return of Carlito Mixtape

Lil Jay – Return Of Carlito (Full Mixtape)

Listen to the new 2017 mixtape from King Lil Jay, currently in prison after denying an 8 year plea deal.

Rico Recklezz – New Mixtape “Big Recklezz”

Big Recklezz

Big Recklezz – New Mixtape

New mixtape from Rico Recklezz “Big Recklezz” available now!

Rico Recklezz Drops New Mixtape, ‘BIG RECKLEZZ.’

Listen to the latest mixtape after April’s Recklezz Scissorhands mixtape. Rico is no stranger to releasing projects, as he has dropped over 13 mixtapes in his career.

Rico Recklezz’s Big Recklezz Mixtape

  1. “My Money”
  2. “Pay Her”
  3. The Safe
  4. Twerkin & Lurkin”
  5. “Bape”
  6. “Thang”
  7. “Walkin Wit Da Devil”
  8. “Bankroll & Bigbooty Bitches”
  9. “Sneak Dissin”
  10. “Jail Thoughts”
  11. “Rain” Featuring C-Row
  12. “Designaclothes”
  13. “Stove”
  14. “Backdown”
  15. “Birthday”
Big Recklezz Mixtape
Rico Recklezz – Big Recklezz Mixtape

G Herbo Releases “Never Cared”

G Herbo Never Cared

G Herbo Never Cared

G Herbo releases the official audio for Never Cared, on December 10th.

G Hebo drops the new official audio for his new track, “Never Cared.”

G Herbo Discusses Debut Album ‘Humble Beast,’ on Vibe

G Herbo’s lucid exploits about his East Side neighborhood come from a place of frustration with living in the abyss of poverty. His honest aggressiveness is the result of shootouts, gang violence and the murders of foes as well as Herbo’s close friends such as Fazo and Kobe. In fact, the Chi-city rapper dedicated two mixtapes to his deceased brothers with Welcome to Fazoland and Ballin’ Like I’m Kobe, respectively.

After releasing a host of projects since stepping in the game back in 2014, the rapper born Herbert Randall Wright has managed to gain a solid core following by continuing to tell important yet harrowing stories that many black youths can relate to. His growth is evident.

Despite his removal from his 150 Rock Block (due to his success as a rapper), Herbo is able to rap about street issues without recycling the same tired stories. Not an easy feat.

With his debut album, Humble Beast, a few days away, G Herbo sat with VIBE to discuss his new project, his study of the culture, the late Tupac, risking his life in the streets and missing studio sessions during the recording of his freshman mixtape, Welcome to Fazoland.

“The reason I say it’s my favorite [Welcome to Fazoland] is because it came out so good, and I ain’t even give a f**k about rap when I made that sh*t,” Herbo says. “I ain’t even care. I cared about rap, I wanted to rap, but I was in the streets. I was missing studio sessions, missing everything, high off drink, risking my life every day while I’m recording this sh*t. My homies getting killed, I’m coming to the studio the next day recording songs.”

G Herbo Speaks On Street Culture

During the second part of our interview, the 22-year-old shared his opinions of the different types of street guys one may encounter, and wanting to leave his fans with something of substance when he meets them.

“When people see me, I want to leave them with something. I’ve been out here in New York on some late-night sh*t at three, four in the morning in Times Square, talking to people for 40 minutes because they asking me questions,” Herbo says.