DJ YdotTheNerd – The single is releasing a new project featuring younggodumb and FBG DUCK.

DJ YdotTheNerd Live in Chicago



Clout Boyz Official DJ.

Get ready Clout Boyz Official DJ, YdotTheNerd will drop his first single and visual titled, “GO UP” feat. Younggodumb AND FBG DUCK.


Cdot Honcho Gets Jumped

Cdot Honcho Jumped – Rapper Cdot Honcho posted the aftermath of the unfair fight on instagram. Cdot Honcho is a rapper from Chicago, releasing his latest song ‘Pray’ from latest project, titled “Takeover.”

Cdot Honcho Jumped – posts gruesome pictures on instagram

SayCheeseTV released this photo of Cdot Honcho’s gruesome beating on Instagram. Listen to features with Lil Durk, featuring Cdot Honcho.

Cdot Honcho Jumped
Cdot Honcho Jumped with gruesome photos.

Cdot Honcho – “Takeover”

Cdot Honcho Takeover
Cdot Honcho Takeover


Chicago World News Shot 5 Times

Chicago World News Shot? Chicago gang blogger removed his social media accounts, including his YouTube account.

Chicago World News Shot

The controversial YouTube blogger Chicago world News was shot 5 times in South Side, Chicago, IL. The owner of the YouTube account “Chicago World News,” posted many detailed videos discussing gang members and their alleged crimes.

Gang Members Respond to Chicago World News

Gang Member from Young Money 051 says: “White Buddy Need To Get Smoked.”

Chicago World News Shot?
Threats to Chicago World News

Chicago World News – Controversial Videos

Chicago World News responds to La Raza Gang Members on YouTube.

Fbg Cash reacts to Chicago World News getting shot 5 times

Chiraq Drill on Reddit

Rapper Montana of 300 tells the KKK to Rally in Chicago

Montana of 300 tells KKK to hold a rally in Chicago and to “See What Happens.

Chicago Rapper Montana of 300 tells KKK to Rally in Chicago

The Chicago-based rapper Montana of 300 invites the KKK and recent Nazi protesters to visit Chicago. Check out his Instagram post below:

Montana of 300 KKK
Montana of 300 tells KKK to visit Chicago.

Montana of 300 tells KKK, “We Got a Lot of Ammunition.”

The rapper says there are a ‘a lot of senseless’ people in Chicago, ready to confront protesters.


A post shared by montanaof300 (@montanaof300) on

KKK rally in Charlottesville

Source: CNN A Ku Klux Klan rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, drew about 50 Klan members and supporters Saturday — and several hundred counter-protesters, authorities said.

Members of the North Carolina-based Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan — some wearing Klan robes and carrying Confederate flags — arrived in midday to protest the city’s plan to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from a park, one of several steps the city is taking to reduce its number of Confederate monuments.


The Top Killers of Team 600 and Frontstreet

Top Killers of Team 600 and Frontstreet

Top Killers of Team 600.

View the top killers of Team 600 and Frontstreet, as Chicago World News dispels the myth that many of your favorite rappers are “Shooters.”

Gang life is not glorious or without consequences – most of the shooters from Team 600 and Frontstreet are either dead or in jail.

Chicago World News on Twitter


D.Rose, who’s real name is Ahbir Sardin, is currently locked up for the murder of 14 year old Venzel Richardson.

Additionally, many believe that D.Rose did not commit the murder he was accused of, but his reputation and history caught up to him in a court of law.

The Top Killers of Team 600
The Top Killers of Team 600 and Frontstreet.


Unfortunately, Cdai was sentenced to 38 years in prison for the murder of cab driver Javan Boyd.

Cdai – was charged with 1st degree murder in 2016


Sadly, RondoNumbaNine was also sentenced to was sentenced to 39 years in prison for the crime of murdering a jitney cab driver back in 2014.


L’A Capone

L'A Capone
L’A Capone

L’A Capone was born Leonard Anderson on September 18, 1996 in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. L’A was murdered when a gunman approached him and shot him once in the thigh on September 26, 2013.

As L’A he made his way to the ER he suffered massive blood loss and died on the operating table. He was only 17 years old at the time he was killed. 3 individuals were charged in connection to the death of L’A Capone in 2014, Sakhee Hardy-Johnson, 17, Michael Mays, 21, and Meiko Buchanan, 22.

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Kanye West Leaves Concert Upon Hearing Kim Kardashian Robbery News

Kim Kardashian-West Robbed At Gunpoint in Paris Hotel

Kanye West with Kim Kardashian at Paris Fashion Week.
Kanye West with Kim Kardashian at Paris Fashion Week.

Chicago’s Kanye West left his show at the Meadows Festival in New York City citing a “family emergency,” as he heard the news that Kim had been held at gunpoint by masked men that were allegedly disguised as policeman.

Kanye’s “Heartless” Song Interrupted

Kim is in France for Paris Fashion Week, as Kanye was in New York City, performing at the Meadows Festival. During the Chicago rap icon’s performance of “Heartless,” Kanye was briefed about the emergency situation and left mid-concert.

Festival organizers, Founders Entertainment LLC, released the statement:  “The great show he put on for fans to close out the inaugural Meadows Festival.” “Our thoughts are with West and his family,” they said.

“The great show he put on for fans to close out the inaugural Meadows Festival.” “Our thoughts are with West and his family.”

Kim Kardashian Tweets

Paris Fashion Week

Kim in Paris For Fashion Week 2016

Meadows Festival Headliners

Meadows Festival Lineup 2016.
Meadows Festival Lineup 2016.

Kanye West Performs at Meadows Festival

Lil Jay Interview from Cook County Jail: Parts 2, 3, & 4

Lil Jay Interview with SayCheeseTV while in Cook County.

Lil Jay Interview.

Lil Jay speaks on the phone from Cook County Jail

Lil Jay Mugshot 2020.
Lil Jay Mugshot 2020.

The eccentric rapper Lil Jay discusses his past beef with Chief Keef, how his new album Bars of Clout 3 & 4 are on the way.

Jay is currently in Cook County Jail, where rumors surfaced that he may be homosexual.

Lil Jay Interview Part 2


Lil Jay Interview: Part 3

Jay discusses his $125,000 bond and FBG Butta.

Lil Jay Interview : Part 4


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