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Wooski ft. Dooski - Shootas

Wooski ft. Dooski – Shootas | Drill Rappers and Chicago street legends team up on “Shootas.” Wooski, also known as “King Opp” has blown up since his first real song, computers remix, earned over 1.5 million views on YoutTube.

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FBG Cash ft. Wooski – FBG Cash also referred to as Cashout063, teamed up with one of the most feared Chicago rappers, Wooski. Wooski has earned praise from viral “Computers Remix.”

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Wooski "Computers Remix"

Wooski is a known enforcer for Fly Boy Gang, founded by FBG Duck. Wooski was released from prison in 2017, finally deciding to get serious and focus on his music in 2018.

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