Remembrance – Lil Durk

Remembrance by Lil Durk – Listen to the new official music video from Lil Durk.

Remembrance by Lil Durk – Official Video

Watch the official music video for Lil Durk, titled “Remembrance.”

Lil Durk Signs New Deal with Alamo Records

For booking and business inquires, contact Lil Durk at [email protected]


Montana Of 300 – Ugly

Montana Of 300 – Ugly | Montana Of 300 drops his latest track, titled “Ugly” on May 4, 2018.

Montana Of 300 – Ugly 

Montana Of 300 - Ugly | Official Video

 Watch the official video “Ugly” from Montana Of 300.

Wooski ft. Dooski Tha Man – Shootas

Wooski ft. Dooski Tha Man – Shootas | Drill Rappers and Chicago street legends team up on “Shootas.”

Wooski ft. Dooski Tha Man – Shootas

Chiraq rapper Wooski from FBG and Chicago rapper Dooski drop a new message. Street legends team up on “Shootas.”

Wooski has blown up since his first real attempt at rapping. His hit song computers remix, earned over 1.5 million views on YoutTube.

Shootas – FBG Wooski ft. Dooski Da Man

Wooski raps: “You can’t hang where I hang, nigga we some shootas.”

Wooski Dooski Shootas.


Chicago Rapper Wooski hits 1.5 Million Views on YouTube

The “Computers Remix” by FBG Wooski has caused quite a buzz in Chicago. It’s only a matter of time before Fly Boy Gang gets Industry Recognition.

Lil Durk “1-773 Vulture”

Lil Durk “1-773 Vulture” | The latest song from Lil Durk paints a picture of the harsh realities and trauma he experience growing up in South Side, Chicago, IL.

Lil Durk “1-773 Vulture” | Official Music Video

Watch the new music video titled, “1-773 Vulture” by Lil Durk. The new video is a World Star Exclusive Video, earning over a million views to date.

Watch the official music video for “1-773 Vulture” by Lil Durk

Lil Durk continues to gain fame, entering into stardum as a drill rapper from Chicago, and CEO of his own recording label OTF.

New Video 1-773 Vulture by Lil Durk
New Video 1-773 Vulture by Lil_Durk.

Wooski “Computers Remix”

Wooski – also known as WooskiDaShooter

Known as “a Shooter,” The FBG affiliate is a known enforcer for Fly Boy Gang, founded by FBG Duck, and was released from prison in 2017.

Official Video – “Computers Remix”

January 2, 2018, FBG Wooski dropped “Computers Remix,” deciding to get serious and focus on his music in 2018.

DatShootaWooski with FBG Cash

“Computers Remix.”

“Computers Remix” – Official Video

The FBG Rapper has been mentioned in many songs by Fly Boy Gang members throughout the years. Lil Jay, Billionaire Black, and FBG Duck rap about his reputation for violence.

Fighting with opps on Instagram Live

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“Computers Remix” Lyrics

Wooski with two guns.

Rico Recklezz – “I Remember”

Rico Recklezz – “I Remember” | Listen Now

Listen to the powerful new song, “I Remember” from Rico Recklezz. The new track was uploaded to WSHH, as Rico sheds light on his upbringing as a young child in Chicago.

Rico Recklezz - "I Remember"
New Music Video from Rico Recklezz, titled “I Remember”

Rico raps about his childhood in new song, “I Remember”

In the new track, Recklezz raps about growing up in a single family household and how experiencing poverty at such a young age affected his self-esteem. Rico shares that he used to wear the same clothes to school – even sharing wardrobes with his sister.

Watch the new official music video “I Remember”

Rico drops his new track as a WorldStarHipHop Exclusive Music Video

“I Remember” dropped on May 18th, and has earned over 343,608 views on YouTube.

Killa Kellz My Niggas

Killa Kellz My Niggas


Killa Kellz released the new song titled ‘My Niggas’ while out on bond, facing up to 20 years in prison.


Famous Dex – New Wave | Official Video

New Wave – Famous Dex Ft. Rich The Kid – New Wave Video

Famous Dex New Wave.

Famous Dex Ft. Rich The Kid

Watch the official music video by Famous Dex and Rich the Kid, titled “New Wave.

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