New ChicagoWorldNews YouTube

New ChicagoWorldNews YouTube Channel – The Chicago Blogger known as ‘ChicagoWorldNews’ says he wasn’t shot 5 times while responding to Rico Recklezz.

New ChicagoWorldNews YouTube

The Chicago Gang Blogger was rumored to have been shot 5 times earlier this year. During an interview with Rico Recklezz on VladTV, Rico Recklezz says that the gang blogger was shot in Chicago.

Chicago World News Shot
Chicago World News Blogger is shot 5 times.

Follow The New Chicago World News YouTube Account

The Chicago YouTube blogger known as “ChicagoWorldNews,” has started a new YouTube account titled Raphael Provatakis.

ChicagoWorldNews Has Message For VladTV

Rico Recklezz speaks on ChicagoWorldNews

Rico Recklezz says: “ChicagoWorldNews” got smoked.

Fredo Santana Hospitalized For Lean Addiction

Fredo Santana hospitalized for his lean addiction – Fredo states that “he might just go to rehab.”

Fredo Santana hospitalized for abusing lean

Fredo Santana with Lean.

Fredo Santana was found by his best friend and fellow Savage Squad Records rapper, Gino Marley.

Fredo says that Gino Marley found him while he was having a seizure, “foaming and bleeding from the mouth.”

Gino found me on da floor shaking bleeding out the mouth having a seizure shit could a been the end

Fredo Santana May Enter Rehab for lean addiction

Fredo Santana Hospitalized for Lean addiction
Fredo Santana Hospitalized for Lean addiction – may enter rehab program.

Santana hopes to be a role model for others facing problems with substance abuse, specifically Promethazine – known as ‘Syrup,’ ‘Purple Drank,’ or ‘Lean.’

Rappers who were addicted to lean

  • Lil Wayne – Wayne has been hospitalized several times for seizures
  • DJ Screw – Screw died of a codeine-promethazine-alcohol overdose on November 16, 2000
  • Gucci Mane – Gucci states that “Lean Nearly Destroyed His Mind & Body”
  • Big Moe – Moe died at age 33 on October 14, 2007, after suffering a heart attack one week earlier that left him in a coma
  • Big Hawk – used lean in the 1960’s and 70’s
Fredo Santana with Drake.

Lettuce – DDG & Famous Dex

Lettuce – Watch the official video from Famous Dex and DDG.

DDG and Famous Dex.
DDG and Famous Dex release a new official music video.

Famous Dex and DDG – Lettuce

On Oct 11, 2017, Famous Dex and DDG release their first official music video together. This is the first collaboration between the flamboyant Chicago rapper Famous Dexand, and Pontiac, Michigan rapper, DGG.

DDG and Famous Dex team up on new Song

DDG is a signed to DemonBeats Recordings, releasing 10 tracks on his official Soundcloud account. DDG is a famous YouTube daily Vlogger and rapper from Pontiac, Michigan.

DDG, born Darryl Granberry Jr., is a 19 year old rapper and YouTube Vlogger known as “PontiacMadeMeDoIt.”

"Lettuce" - DDG & Famous Dex
DDG & Famous Dex.

TRUE FOE – “Nonfiction”

True Foe releases the new track titled “Nonfiction.”

True FOE – “Nonfiction” | Official Audio

Chicago rapper True FOE releases the official audio of his new track titled “Nonfiction.”

True Foe – Uptown Chicago Rapper

True Foe
Uptown Chicago Rapper True Foe.

The uptown Chicago rapper, True Foe, releases his new track titled “Nonfiction.”

Follow True Foe on his official Twitter account.

Chicago World News Shot 5 Times

Chicago World News Shot? Chicago gang blogger removed his social media accounts, including his YouTube account.

Chicago World News Shot

The controversial YouTube blogger Chicago world News was shot 5 times in South Side, Chicago, IL. The owner of the YouTube account “Chicago World News,” posted many detailed videos discussing gang members and their alleged crimes.

Gang Members Respond to Chicago World News

Gang Member from Young Money 051 says: “White Buddy Need To Get Smoked.”

Chicago World News Shot?
Threats to Chicago World News

Chicago World News – Controversial Videos

Chicago World News responds to La Raza Gang Members on YouTube.

Fbg Cash reacts to Chicago World News getting shot 5 times

Chiraq Drill on Reddit

FYB J Mane featuring FYB Montae – RNM

Chicago Artists FYB J Mane & FYB Montae Release New Track Titled “RNM.”

FYB J Mane and FYB Montae release a track titled “RNS.”

FYB J Mane

FYB J Mane is known for dissing Chief Keef and Lil Reese.

Young Pappy’s Brother on VladTV

Young Pappy’s Brother – Chicago Rapper TaySav speaks on his late brother, Young Pappy. Young Pappy was a famous rapper from the North Side of Chicago, referred to as the “North Pole.”

Young Pappy’s Brother TaySav speaks with DJ Vlad

During the conversation, TaySav spoke about growing up on the North Side of the Chicago, and his family trying to keep him out of the streets, including his two older brothers. TaySav explained that after catching a gun charge and going back into the streets, there was nothing more his parents could do.

Young Pappy's Brother
TavSav on VladTv

Tay Sav Speaks On Young Pappy

VladTV sat down with rising Chicago rapper TaySav, who spoke about pushing his rap career ever since his older brother Young Pappy was shot to death.