FBG Duck | 21 Savage – Slide

FBG Duck 21 SavageFBG Duck and 21 Savage team up on ‘Slide’ Remix. Duck, a reputable gang member who’s been making hit songs since 2012, hails 63rd & St. Lawrence in Southside, Chicago. 21 Savage hails from the dangerous streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, with popular hits like No Heart, X, and Bank Account.

FBG Duck 21 Savage – Slide Remix

After a breakout year in 2018, FBG Duck has finally earned the recognition that he deserves. It is rumored that Duck earned a recording contract with Sony worth 1.7 million dollars for 1 album.

After losing his brother FBG Brick, along with his cousin Coby on the same day, Duck seemed to focus on his craft to make a better life for his friends and family.

FBG Duck Teams Up with 21 Savage on ‘Slide’ Remix

FBG Duck’s ‘Slide’ has earned over 18 million hits on YouTube, earning mainstream Industry recognition, and fellow rapper 21 Savage. When 21 Savage and FBG Duck make a track together, you know it will be authentic.

21 Savage

21 savage | FBG Duck
21 savage Teams Up With FBG Duck.

FBG Duck in 2018

21 savage | FBG Duck
FBG Duck 21 Savage ‘Slide’ Remix

Popular songs by FBG Duck

Some of Duck’s best songs include:

Montana Of 300 – Ugly

Montana Of 300 – Ugly | Montana Of 300 drops his latest track, titled “Ugly” on May 4, 2018.

Montana Of 300 – Ugly 

Montana Of 300 - Ugly | Official Video

 Watch the official video “Ugly” from Montana Of 300.

TaySav – Gang Members

TaySav – Gang Members

Listen to the latest track from TaySav, the talented younger brother of legendary PBG Member, Young Pappy.

Young Pappy

Young Pappy, whose real name is Shaquon Thomas, was murdered in cold blood after diss songs back and forth caught up to the young star.

Young Pappy

Cdot Honcho Gets Jumped

Cdot Honcho Jumped – Rapper Cdot Honcho posted the aftermath of the unfair fight on instagram. Cdot Honcho is a rapper from Chicago, releasing his latest song ‘Pray’ from latest project, titled “Takeover.”

Cdot Honcho Jumped – posts gruesome pictures on instagram

SayCheeseTV released this photo of Cdot Honcho’s gruesome beating on Instagram. Listen to features with Lil Durk, featuring Cdot Honcho.

Cdot Honcho Jumped
Cdot Honcho Jumped with gruesome photos.

Cdot Honcho – “Takeover”

Cdot Honcho Takeover
Cdot Honcho Takeover


Bow Wow Punched For Dissing Future

Bow Wow Punched – Former rapper known as ‘Lil Boy Wow’ has an altercation for dissing Future.

Bow Wow Punched

As rapper Bow Wow is walking with a group of men, rapper Cheeks Bossman! punches him and sends him flying to the ground.

Future’s rapper Cheeks Bossman! punches Bow Bow


Allegedly, Bow Wow was disrespecting Future, the hip-hop icon.

10 Best Chicago Rappers in 2018

10 Best Chicago Rappers in 2018 – Ranking the best up-and-coming rappers from Chicago. A lot has changed in recent years, especially since the explosion of Chicago’s drill scene with Chief Keef’s hit ‘I Don’t Like.’

10 Best Chicago Rappers in 2018.
The Best Drill Rappers in 2018.

Many famous rappers from Chicago have had their once blossoming careers cut short – usually due to gun violence, incarceration, or dying from drug addiction.

10 Best Chicago Rappers in 2018

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Chicago Rappers in 2018. Sadly, many rappers didn’t make the list in 2018 due to gun violence, drug overdoses, or are currently serving time in jail.

Lil Jay, also known as the ‘Clout Lord’ has been in jail since 2015. He denied an 8 year plea deal, which many believe was a terrible mistake.

Lil Jay's Latest Mixtape
Lil Jay plans to release a new mixtape “Return of Carlito.”

Ranking the Best Chicago Rappers in 2018

  1. Lil Durk

  2. FBG Duck

  3. Wooski

  4. G Herbo

  5. Famous Dex

  6. Montana of 300

  7. Tay600

  8. Chief Keef

  9. Rico Recklezz

  10. FBG Cash (Cashout063)

Lil Durk

Lil Durk earned his spot as the most successful artist from Chicago in 2018. Durk’s latest tracks: ‘Crossroads,’ ‘A Body,’ and ‘1-773 Vulture’ became instant hits.

Durk even has his own OTF clothing and apparel fashion line. It’s no surprise that he’s quickly growing his net worth, even surpassing Chief Keef and Lil Reese.

Lil Durk - Crossroads
Lil Durk – Crossroads

FBG Duck

Ever since the death of FBG Duck’s brother, FBG Brick, Duck decided to focus on bring his clout to the next level. As the leader of Clout Boyz Entertainment, FBG Duck released multiple hit songs in 2018.

FBG - Slide
FBG – Slide | Warning to Tee Grizzley.

FBG Members, (also known as Fly Boy Gang) and Clout Boyz Inc. latest songs include:

Wooski drops the hit song “Computers”

Wooski "Computers Remix"
FBG Member Wooski releases his first video in 2018.

After being locked up for several years, the feared drill rapper known as “Wooski” released one of the most disrespectful rap songs, “Computers Remix.” Wooski’s song Computers is compared to Lil Jojo’s “300k” music video in 2012. Listen to Wooski’s “Computers Remix” on SoundCloud.

G Herbo Arrested with Possession of a Firearm

Unfortunately, G Herbo was arrested with 2 associates after limousine driver tips off police for having loaded firearms while being chaffered. Hopefully, G Herbo will stay out of the street life and focus on his music after he faces the charges.

G Herbo Caught With Loaded Guns.
Credit: Chicago Police Department – police found during a traffic stop and arrest in the South Loop Thursday night in the first block of East Roosevelt Road.

According to the Chicago Tribune, defense Attorney William Laws told the court that Herbert Wright, 22, who raps under name G Herbo, has a fiancee who is 8-months pregnant who he plans to marry in six months. G Herbo has no prior felonies, no violent background and has been a lifetime resident of Chicago, he said.

G Herbo’s ‘Humble Beast Deluxe Edition’

1. “Street”
2. “Black”
3. “Bi Polar”
4. “Lil Gangbangin Ass”
5. “Everything” Feat. Lil Uzi Vert
6. “I Like”
7. “Man Now”
8. “Malcolm”
9. “Crown” Feat. Bump J
10. “Mirror” Feat. Lil Bibby
11. “Trials”
12. “Red Snow”
13. “No Way Out”
14. “Sins”
15. “Done for Me”
16. “Never Cared”
17. “4 Nem” Feat. Lil Durk
18. “All Day” Feat. Blac Youngsta
19. “Head Right”
20. “No Depression”
21. “Ride”
22. “My Way”
23. “How Could U Hate Me”
24. “Shook”
25. “Everything” (Remix) Feat. Lil Uzi Vert and Chance the Rapper
26. “This n That” Feat. Lil Yachty & Jeremih [Bonus Track]
27. “4 Minutes of Hell, Pt. 5” (Bonus Track)

Famous Dex Teams Up With A$AP Rocky

Famous Dex brings superstar A$AP Rocky in the new song, ‘Pick It Up feat. A$AP Rocky.’

After a falling out with Rich The Kid, Famous Dex is still focusing on working with the biggest names in hip-hop. Famous Dex launched his own clothing line with official Dexter Apparel.

Montana of 300

Montana of 300 is known for destroying rappers with his lyrical ability, and has toured across the country this year. He’s signed to his own record label FGE Entertainment.

Montana’s best remix’s include:

Chief Keef loses Fredo Santana, his older cousin and Best Friend

Chief Keef has experienced more trauma and tragedies in his life than most will ever feel in a lifetime. After losing his cousin and mentor Blood Money just a few years ago.

The most shocking and traumatic death occurred when Fredo Santana passed away – Chief’s biological cousin. Fredo was a larger-than-life figure, remained independent, and even appeared as the ‘bad guy’ as an actor in a cameo in Drake’s hit song “Hold On We’re Going Home.”

Fredo’s tragic death occurred from not only drug addiction, but also from issues ‘tough guys’ don’t want to talk about – Like PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not only an effect of war overseas, but also a war we are facing domestically in the most violent cities in The United States.

Rico Recklezz Hopes to Bounce Back in 2018

After gaining many fans after his famous diss “Hit Em Up” in 2016, Rico has faced many public controversies. Rico accused his manager King Dave, the owner of ‘Fuck Fame’ clothing’ of stealing money.

King Dave argued that the fame and use of drugs may have negatively influenced Rico’s thought process.

FBG Cash

Another member of Fly Boy Gang, and Clout Boyz Inc. rapper earned a spot in our rankings. FBG Cash was released from prison in 2017, but hasn’t missed a beat.

FBG Cash
FBG Cash is released from prison.


Team 600
Team 600 Chicago Rap Group.

After being accused of snitching, Tay600 has cleared his name. It’s now know that Edai, former leader of Team 600, falsely claimed Tay600 snitched on RondoNumbaNine and Cdai.

10 Best Chicago Rappers in 2018 – Top Honorable Mentions

Although this list only represents some the 10 Best Chicago Rappers in 2018 and amazing artists from Chicago. Many of rappers who didn’t make our list due to gang activity, jail time and lack of promotion include:

  • Fredo Santana  After a struggle with drug addiction, Fredo Santana was pronounced dead on January 20, 2018. Fredo Santana was a real rags-to-riches story, and his death shook the entertainment world.
  • Lude Foe – Lud Foe just dropped the song ‘Stick to the Code’ featuring Cago Leek.
  • S.Dot, (Also known as Datorachi) created one of the best drill songs, titled ‘Chiraq.’
  • Killz Kellz – Kellz was one of the most talented rappers in Chicago – while he was out of prison. He was freed on bond in 2017, but was arrested in Missouri for Weapons, Meth, and running from the police.
  • TaySav – TaySav will be included on our next list for the 10 Best Chicago Rappers in 2018, it’s only a matter of time before Young Pappy’s brother explodes.
Lude Foe - Stick to The Code
Lude Foe – Stick to The Code.

This post was edited on 03/13/2018. Check us out on Twitter: @ChiraqRapSource

Lil Durk – A Body

Lil Durk – A Body – This latest joint by Lil Durk was released right after his hit song “Crossroads.” Durk’s song “A Body” illustrates his street roots.

Lil Durk – A Body | 2018 Drill Music

Lil Durk has seen it all in Chicago

Growing up in the rough streets of Englewood, Durk’s father was a big-time drug dealer and gang member. Lil Durk was raised by his mother, and friends that would become his family.

Listen to More of Lil Durk

Shop For Lil Durk’s Clothing and Apparel

OTF Unisex Hoodie Sweatshirt

Lil Durk Hoodie

Famous Dex Buys New Gold Chains

Famous Dex Buys 2 New Gold Chains after being robbed in L.A. Goons from L.A. Demand he pays them money to get his chain back.

Read More


Famous Dex Buys New Gold Chains

During NBA All-Star weekend, Famous Dex had his signature Dexter chain stolen from him by goons.

Famous Dex Buys New Gold Chains
Famous Dex Buys New Gold Chains after he claims he was set-up in, leading to his chain snatching.

Famous Dex buys 2 New Gold Chains worth $75,000


LA goon has been all over social media wearing Famous Dex’s “Dexter” chain.

A post shared by VON (@djvontv) on

Chicago Rapper Ayoo KD Fights Lil Marcus

Ayoo KD Fights Lil Marcus – Chicago Rapper Ayoo KD Fights Lil Marcus on video.

Ayoo KD Fights Lil Marcus
Ayoo KD Fights Lil Marcus

Ayoo KD Fights Lil Marcus

Watch the full fight between two Chicago rappers, caught live on video.

Lil Durk – Crossroads

Lil Durk – Crossroads | Crossroads is an homage to the original Bone Thugz-N-Harmony song, also called “Crossroads.”

Crossroads – Lil Durk

Lil Durk speaks about friends he’s lost throughout his time growing up in South Side, Chicago, IL. Durk recently lost his close friend, Fredo Santana.

Lil Durk’s friends who’ve passed away

Durk has lost Fredo Santana, his cousin Nuski, and another close friend named Pluto – also known as Lil Pat.

  • Fredo Santana
  • Pluto
  • Nuski
OTF Nuski
OTF Nuski

Crossroads pays homage to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Lil Durk’s new track, Crossroads, pays homage to the famous track from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Lil Durk Mourns the loss of Fredo Santana

Fredo Santana, fellow Black Disciple and friend, died from a codeine-induced overdose earlier this year. The Savage Squad Records CEO was hospitalized for kidney and liver failure.

Lil Durk mourns loss of Fredo Santana
Lil Durk mourns loss of Fredo Santana

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